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Whether you are learning a new skill or are already an expert in your field, you may benefit from blogging about it.  I decided to blog about going from saving to investing because then it will force me to really research and learn what I need to know.  Reading isn’t always enough for me as I tend to skim over articles and don’t always retain new information.  Writing helps me get my facts straight and helps me understand.  Besides, blogging gives you the chance to earn extra money and you can meet other people that are also interested in the same subject area that you are writing about.

If you are interested in starting your own blog, here are a few places to start to get your website up and running!

Please note that some of these are my affiliate or referral links and I may earn a commission if you make a purchase.  There is not any additional cost to you. I use all of these companies and I would not post them here if I had a bad experience with them.

Website Class

Niche Success Blueprint : This is by Lynn Terry who has been working online for 17 years. She knows what she doing and teaches her process for creating successful online businesses.  I wish that this course was available a year ago when I first started building websites.  Every Friday, she provides a new module to download and besides providing you with valuable information that you can use, she gives you weekly assignments to apply to your own websites.  This helps keep me focused and not overwhelmed with all that needs to be done.  I highly recommend this program.

Web Hosting

I use Bluehost to register my domain names and for my website hosting – so far I haven’t had any problems.  You can find a One-Click installation of WordPress in your control panel.

WordPress Themes and Skins

Ready Themes:  Their themes are built for affiliate marketers and their Amazon integration works great!

iCustomizeThesis:  Thesis 2.x skins.  I found Puneet (the developer) very friendly and he answered my questions immediately.  I am using his Myra skin on this website and also on my EatingProtein and MyDecluttering websites.

ThesisLove:  Thesis 2.x skins.  If you are looking for a beautiful skin and some cool boxes, this is the place to go.

Thesis Theme for WordPress: This theme provides great search engine optimization and fast loading times.  However, it requires a bit of a learning curve so I suggest that if you purchase this theme, that you also purchase a skin to help you come up with a pretty site.  I am running Thesis on my other 3 websites.

Email Subscription List

Aweber: This is what I used to create my email subscription sign up form on the side bar.  It’s very easy to use and you can try it out for one month for just $1.00! I do recommend getting a Post Office Box as you are required to list your physical address on the bottom of the emails that you send out through Aweber.

Keyword Research Tools

Longtail Pro: Program that I am using for my keyword research.  On a personal note, I find this one easier to use than Market Samurai.

Market Samurai: Program that I am using for my keyword research.

Writing Sites

InfoBarrel: Write original articles for InfoBarrel and after they are published, you have the opportunity to earn money.  You can even insert Amazon product links!   Your articles will go through an approval process, so make sure they are original and you use proper grammar and spelling.

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