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Here are the courses & training programs that I purchased to speed up the learning process:

Amazon Boot Camp
Amazon Boot Camp LogoAmazon Boot Camp: Jessica Larrew created this course and I believe it’s the best one out there for beginners.  She covers a lot of ground to get you started on your Amazon FBA career from opening up your account, sourcing and getting your inventory sent in to Amazon.  She presents her materials in short videos so you can easily choose which topic you want to learn about.  Her private Facebook group is a safe place to ask questions.  Please read my blog post to learn more about Amazon Boot Camp.   NOV 2016 UPDATE: Jessica will be releasing Amazon Boot Camp 3.0 soon!!!  She says it’ll be better than the existing boot camp.

Proven Amazon Course
PAC-affiliate-graphics-125x125Proven Amazon Course: Jim Cockum is the founder of this course.  Jim and his team of experts show you how to start your Amazon FBA business.  They lead you through the basics of opening up your account, sourcing and getting your inventory sent in to Amazon.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Jim & Team take your business to the next level with all of the advanced topics available.

One great thing about PAC is that they are constantly adding in new material.  They just added Proven Performance Inventory to the course.  Proven Book Sourcing was just added in Feb 2017.  What’s awesome is that future courses are added at no extra charge to PAC members.

To learn more about Jim Cockrum, join his free Facebook Group or listen in on his podcast.

The Wholesale Formula
The Wholesale Formula: Wholesale course by Dan Meadors and Eric Lambert.  I purchased it in 2016 and have opened several wholesale accounts since then.

The_Resellers_GuideThe Reseller’s Guide To A Year in FBA (PRICE GOES UP ON JAN 9, 2018)
The Reseller’s Guide To A Year in FBA:  This book by Stephen Smotherman will guide you through running your Amazon business in monthly chunks.  I just received a copy of it in October 2015 and am excited to implement his tips immediately.  I started with the November chapter and got a lot of great non-toy ideas that I can source for in November.

Of course, November is one of the busiest months for Sellers and he delivers with Black Friday Prep and Tips.  He covers a lot of information and I reviewed the book in this post.


Bundle Masterclass: This is Barbara Drazga’s course that she created in 2017.  I purchased the course in June and was very impressed with her knowledge and energy.  She teaches you how to find bundle items using a Customer-Centric approach!  You’ll be looking for products that people are passionate about or will solve a problem.  Then you’ll validate your product idea with the numbers, competition and you’ll learn all about keywords and more!  Besides bundles, you can apply what you learned to your wholesale and private label research.

Bundle Basics

Bundle Basics and Advanced Strategies: This is taught by Debra Conrad.  Bundles are when you send in a group of complimentary items together, such as a bag of school supplies, a shampoo and conditioner set or a yoga mat with a yoga DVD.   I bought this eBook to learn the technical details of listing and sending in a bundle.  However, I was happy that she also goes over how to do bundle research so you can pick the right products to bundle together.

Amazon Advantage SmallAmazon Advantage: Product Listing Strategies to Boost Your Sales: I used this eBook written by Karon Thackston to help me write my product listing for my first bundle.  I like that it includes worksheets to help you come up with keywords and to help write your bullet points and description. The three items that are included in my first bundle are very BORING office supply products that I got from Office Depot.  I didn’t think that I could write anything exciting about these products but by following the guidelines in the eBook, I actually was able to write a few great sentences about how beneficial my bundle will be to anyone who buys it.  I truly recommend this eBook if you are going to be writing product listings.  If you don’t want to purchase this now, you can get a free cheat sheet to help get you started.   

The Proven Amazon Course contains the Proven Bundling Course.

The Reseller’s Guide to Selling Shoes: Shoes make up 62% of my business!  I love shoes because of the higher profits.  Shoes helped me increase my numbers without increasing my volume.  When I started selling shoes, I learned by watching random videos and finding random blog posts.

Lucky for you that Stephen Smotherman just released a Shoe Book!  I admit that I haven’t read the book because I’ve been selling shoes for over a year.  But if I was just starting out with shoes, I wouldn’t hesitate to grab a copy of his book.  I’ve been following Stephen ever since I started selling on Amazon and I highly recommend learning from him.

Resellers Guide to Board Games: Buying used games is a way to get extra money into your account without spending a lot.  You can find used games at thrift stores and garage sales for just a few dollars and sell them for much more.  In this blog post, I tell you about the Operation Game that I sold for $35.99!  Stephen Smotherman wrote the Reseller’s Guide to Board Games to show you how to profit from board games.  Topics include where to buy them, where to sell them, how to prepare them to be sold, finding missing pieces, pricing them and more.  It’s a great resource and though I read the book a year ago, I’m going to read it again as he updated it in 2015!

Online Arbitrage
Online Arbitrage: Sourcing Secrets for Buying Products Online to Resell for BIG PROFITS: In this book, Chris Green shares his thought process and methods on finding those online deals.  He covers lots of info such as Chrome extensions, price tracking websites, how to setup price alerts, how to read historical price history, how to source on Amazon and so much more.  There are also links to YouTube videos that go into further detail on what he explains in the book.  By using what I learned in the book, I was able to find an item that normally sells for $28.00 on Amazon for $3.00!


Also, Amazon Boot Camp and the Proven Amazon Course have online arbitrage training materials as well.

Ebates: I highly recommend signing up for Ebates and installing their plugin for your Online Arbitrage purchases.  It’s a great way to earn cash back on many of your purchases.  It’s fun getting a big fat check every 3 months!

Back to School 
Back to School Profits Guide: Back to School is a mini-holiday as students will need a new supply of pens, pencils, papers, back packs, art supplies and much more.   Jessica Larrew breaks down the supply list by age-specific groups and shows you how to research the current trends.  For example, grade school children will want supplies that feature their favorite new-movie character.  Jessica will help you with research, give you a timeline on when to buy items and give you helpful information about the different stores such as Target and Toys R Us.  It’s a great course to help you stay busy during the summer months!  Hint: Learn how to bundle before the Back to School season starts!

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