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Preparing for ASD Market Week in Las Vegas!

ASD Market WeekASD Market Week is a huge trade show held in Las Vegas twice a year.  It’s a great opportunity for Amazon Sellers to find new products and to meet other Amazon Sellers.

I’ll be going later this month and one of my highlights will be to see Jim Cockrum (founder of the Proven Amazon Course) in person as he’s the ASD Keynote Speaker.

I’m also looking forward to meeting Ree from the PrivateLabelPreneur blog and a few other people that I met on Facebook.

However, going to the show isn’t all fun as there’s a lot to do beforehand.  In the post, I’ll go over preparing for the trip!

Travel Arrangements

Airline Reservations: I’m taking my mom with me and the first step was making our flight reservations with Southwest Airlines.  I like using them for my Las Vegas flights because they offer direct flights from Portland, OR at a fair price and they are very good with providing wheelchair service for my mother.

If you or your travel companion needs airport assistance, then make sure you notify the airlines.  For more information, read this article that I wrote a few years ago: Tips for Traveling with Elderly Parents

Two other reasons why I like Southwest Airlines are because your first two bags fly free and it’s easy to change your reservation.  A few days after making our reservations, I changed our arrival date into Las Vegas and since the ticket prices for both days were the same, it didn’t cost anything extra.

Hotel Reservations: I made our hotel reservation through the ASD website.  Since I did this early, I was able to qualify for an “early bird” special and received a great rate at a hotel near the convention center.

I just checked and it appears the “early bird” rates are over with.  However, you can still make your hotel reservation through the ASD website. I don’t know if they have the best rates so I would also compare the prices with Expedia and the hotel’s own website.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

If you do use Expedia, be sure you go through Ebates first.  Last year, I earned almost $50.00 from Ebates for my Expedia purchases.

Transportation to/from the airport: Getting to your hotel is easy because most hotels have shuttle buses or you can take a taxi cab.  The last time I took a taxi to the strip, it cost about $20.00 each way.

Of course, you can rent a car at the airport.  Just be careful that you don’t turn the wrong way onto a one-way busy street like I did when I rented a car in Las Vegas.  Since then, I learned to use the MapQuest App.

Transportation to the Convention Center:  I’ll either be walking or taking the Las Vegas Monorail.  But of course, how you get there depends on your hotel location.  If you’re on the strip, you can take the monorail because there is a Convention Center stop.  But the monorail does cost $$ to ride so a free option is to take one of the shuttle buses that ASD is providing.  Of course, if you have a car, you can drive and pay $10.00 for the Convention Center parking.

Walker: The last step was reserving a walker for my mother.  I used Las Vegas Wheelchairs in the past and will use them again with this trip.  You can call or make your reservations online and they will deliver your walker or other rental equipment to your hotel and pick it up when you leave to go home.

Some of you may require a wheelchair or a scooter at the trade show only.  If so, then go to this page on the ASD website and you’ll find directions on how to arrange that.

What to Bring

The ASD website is full of great information and this is from their Buyer Checklist page:

ASD What to Bring SHD

Here’s a little more info about some of the items on the list and I added a couple of other items:

ASD Confirmation Page to Get Badge: After you register for ASD, they’ll send you a confirmation email.  Be sure to print it out as you’ll need this to get your badge.

Business Cards: Last week, I used Vistaprint to make two types of business cards:

  1. Business card to pass out to vendors: This has an image of me, my name, title, mailing address (not my home address), cell phone number and email address.
  2. Business card to pass out to Amazon FBA Sellers: This has my name, website address, social media links and email address.  I did not include an address or phone number.
Business Card

I just used one of Vistaprint’s templates to come up with this.

For my vendor business card, I didn’t use the same title or email address as shown in the above image.

I ordered 100 of each and purchased two business card holders as I needed to spend $50.00 to qualify for free shipping using my “new member” discount.  Since it’s the slow shipping, it’ll take 10 days for my order to arrive.  If you need business cards also, I would order them right away.  Of course, I used Ebates to get to the Vistaprint website.

In the past, I printed my own business cards using the Avery #8371 paper.  However, I no longer have a color printer so that’s why I used Vistaprint.  But printing them on your own is an inexpensive option if you just need a few.

Business Card Alternative: A member in one of the Facebook Groups that I’m in said that she handed out mailing address labels to the vendors.

Large Tote Bag: ASD recommends bringing a large tote bag to carry your catalogs.  Heavy tote bags do make your shoulders ache so I’m going to be bringing a backpack instead.  However, since I’m not planning on spending a lot of my Las Vegas time doing product research, I’m going to ask vendors to either mail or email me a catalog.

Resale Certificate: Rather than printing a bunch of resale certificates beforehand, I’m going to email a PDF copy to myself.  As I can easily access my email from my cellphone, I’m just going to forward a copy to a vendor if needed.

Walking Shoes:  Jim Cockrum posted in his Facebook group to wear your walking shoes at the Convention Center as you’ll be doing a lot of walking.   That’s an easy one for me because all I wear are athletic shoes.

Tip: Las Vegas hotels are huge!  Wear your walking shoes everywhere.  It can be a long hike just from your hotel room to the casino floor and restaurants!

Learning About ASD

Proven Amazon Course
Since this is my first ASD, I’ve been watching the Wholesale Sourcing Conference Videos that are included in the Proven Amazon Course (PAC) that I purchased last year.  These videos were filmed one year ago at ASD so the information is still somewhat current and is full of ASD-specific information.

The videos that I found to be very helpful to learn what to expect at the trade show are the two by John Bullard from MyInventoryTeam:

  • How to Get the Most Out of a Trade Show
  • What to Do Before & After a Trade Show

The other two videos that I really liked are the ones from Jim Cockrum:

  • Information as a Product
  • The Keys to Multiple Income Streams

Whether you’re planning to attend ASD or not, I do recommend that all PAC members watch Jim’s videos.  It’s very interesting to learn more about him, what goes on behind the scenes at PAC and to learn about other income streams that are available to each of us.  If you’re not a member of PAC and not ready to purchase it, then at least read Jim’s book, Silent Sales Machine.

Another training course included in PAC is Proven Wholesale Sourcing by Robyn Johnson.  I haven’t watched this yet but do plan on doing so before ASD.  Robyn Johnson is a successful Amazon FBA Seller and she spoke briefly in both John’s and Jim’s videos.  I’m really amazed that she has a warehouse and a team of people helping her with her FBA business.  It was neat learning about her system of getting products in and out of her warehouse door.

If you’re interested in one or both of the courses, I recommend purchasing PAC because then you’ll get access to both courses plus many more.  For the price, you’ll get a lot more value than if you were to buy the courses separately.


Resellers’s Guide to a Year in FBA
Another ASD resource is Stephen Smotherman’s eBook, The Reseller’s Guide to a Year in FBA.  In the March chapter, you’ll find a few ASD sections that’ll help you prepare for the show:

ASD sections in the March chapter.

ASD sections in the March chapter.

I have Stephen’s eBook and wrote a review of it here.  I’m a little bit behind on my reading and plan to read the full March and April chapters on the plane ride to Las Vegas.  What’s funny is that I read his Reseller’s Guide to Board Games on a flight to Las Vegas a couple of years ago.
You probably noticed that my blog post has a lot of information about getting around Las Vegas but not getting around ASD itself.  So for that, I’m going to send you over to Ree’s website as she wrote a blog post about ASD too!

There you’ll find a video & a map of ASD and the name of a cellphone app to help you find your specific vendors.  She’s ahead of me when it comes to researching vendors and I learned a lot of great tips from her post.  You can find the post here: The ASD Trade Show is Coming, Let’s Get Prepared!

Let’s Connect

If you’re going to ASD, be sure to say “hello” if you see me there.  If you have attended ASD in the past, please share your tips in the comment section below or on my Facebook page.

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  • Ree Klein February 8, 2016, 1:45 pm

    Diana ~ I’m so excited to get to meet you in person at the ASD Trade Show! I love that you’re bringing your mom; I lost mine about a year ago and wish so bad that I could bring her with me. She would absolutely LOVE this whole thing!

    I’m a newbie to the ASD trade show as well and really appreciated your post here because there are a couple of things you mentioned that I hadn’t read yet, like to bring a copy of your resale certificate. Seems obvious now that you mention it, but I might have run off and forgotten to bring a it (I’ll store a copy in my Dropbox folder just in case!)

    I did order a t-shirt with my logo on it for two purposes…first, it will be comfortable to wear and it will have some branding visible to others. The second reason is because I want to test Printful to see if I might want to incorporate their products/services on my eCommerce sites.

    I’m going for a different purpose; I want to find new sources for products to private label. Being prepared is key, I think, because the show is so large that without a plan you’ll miss a lot of relevant vendors. I’ll publish a post soon on what I’m doing to prepare but I won’t cover what you’ve mentioned here because you did such an amazing job!

    See you soon 🙂

    • Diana February 8, 2016, 2:21 pm

      Hi Ree,
      I’m looking forward to meeting you too and am very sorry about your mom. I’ll probably be going through the same with my mom soon and am taking her as she loves playing the slot machines!

      I know my way around Las Vegas but not around a trade show. ASD does sound a bit overwhelming for me and will be looking forward to learning how you prepare for it.

      I like your t-shirt idea and wish that I had a logo. You have a great logo and I’m sure your t-shirt will stand out in the ASD crowd.

      See ya soon!

  • Ilona February 10, 2016, 7:30 pm

    Hi Diana,

    Thank you for your blog, you have a lot of great content and information. I stumbled upon it a few months ago and this is my first time commenting. I’m getting ready to make business cards to bring to ASD, and was wondering if you put your amazon store link on your card? This will be my first time attending ASD and I do not know if the vendors like/need to have that information. I have heard a lot of them do not like to deal with Amazon sellers, so I just want to see if I should put it on the card?Any thoughts? I was planning to put name, title, business address, cell # and email. Should I add or remove any information?

    • Diana February 10, 2016, 8:33 pm

      I did not put my Amazon store link or my Second Half Dreams link on my business card.

      I put my name, title, business address, cell number and email as you mentioned above. The other thing that I added was a picture of myself.

      So, it looks like you’re all set to print your cards.

      Thanks for commenting and I hope to meet you at ASD!



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