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One Reason Your Amazon FBA Items Aren’t Selling

The last few weeks have been exciting because just about everything is selling very quickly!¬† But the Furbys that I bought during the Toys R Us early Black Friday Sale were not selling at all ūüôĀ . ¬† This was surprising since I had such great luck with them last Q4.

I finally figured out why after reviewing my FBA Shipments Page.

They were missing and not available for sale!

I found out that they were missing while researching a discrepancy on my Shipping Queue page.  I sent in 17 items and the warehouse shows that they only received 11.  To make matters worse, they closed my shipment which basically means to me they are done with it and have moved on.

FBA Shipping 1

To see what was going on, I pressed the Track shipment button which led me to the Ship/Replenish Inventory Page.¬† In this page, you have three tabs.¬† The Track Shipment tab shows your UPS tracking information so you know where your box is at.¬† The Shipment Contents¬†tab is a list of what’s supposed to be in your box.¬† The Reconcile¬†tab is where you can view your discrepancies and that’s where I went to:

FBA Shipping 8

I wish the above image is easier to read, but it lists the six missing Furbys from my shipment.  What scared me with this screen is the Ineligible for investigation status on each item.  Now, before I go further, I have had missing items before but the status on those was never stated as Ineligible for investigation.

With my other missing items, there has always been a drop-down box on this page that gave me a Missing РPlease Research option that allowed me to easily contact Amazon to check into my missing items.  Each time I did that, the items were either found quickly or I was reimbursed.

So, I clicked the Learn More link and learned that I needed to contact Seller Support to find out what’s going on:

FBA Shipping 3Contacting them wasn’t as simple as I thought it would be.¬† At first glance, it looks easy because on the bottom of the Reconcile page is a form that you fill out to contact Amazon.¬† I filled out the form and pressed Preview Your Request.

FBA Shipping 6But, I received the message shown below and to make it worse, the page doesn’t give me any way to select any items.

FBA Shipping 7

I ended up using the Contact Us form to send a message to Seller Support about this problem.

FBA Shipping 4I sent them my Shipment ID and listed each individual ASIN and asked them to investigate the missing items.  About 90 minutes later, I received an email from Seller Support stating that they found the missing items and added them to my inventory!

I can’t guarantee that they’ll find your missing items as each case is different. You may get reimbursed instead.¬† I truly hope that they either find your items or reimburse you at a fair price and that you don’t lose any inventory or have to go through any hassles proving that you sent them in!

So lesson learned, if your items aren’t selling, it may not be due to the common causes of poor rankings, pricing to high, not getting the buy box or high competition but due to the fact that they are missing.

Checking to make sure your inbound shipments were received properly is an action that every FBA Seller should do at least once a week.

You can check your Shipping Queue by logging into Seller Central and navigating to Inventory -> Manage FBA Shipments.

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  • Terry Kinder December 6, 2015, 7:12 pm

    Yes, and if you use a system such as ScanPower, or similar, and miss a step – or something else goes wrong – you may send your items in but they won’t be listed for sale.

    I have had this happen before. In fact, last month it happened on the biggest shipment I had ever sent in. Didn’t notice it until something clicked one day and I decided to go look at my “storefront” page one day and almost none of the items were listed for sale.

    Normally I would either review my FBA Shipments as they are received or check my “storefront”, but I got busy and didn’t do it. Not good – especially during the 4th quarter.

    • Diana December 6, 2015, 9:08 pm

      Hi Terry,
      Thanks for the heads up about what can happen when your listing software goes wrong. I sure hope though that you were able to it all fixed pretty easily!

      You do give another good reason why FBA shipments need to be verified that they are received properly. I admit that I don’t always keep up on it as often as I should. From now on, I’ll make a point at looking at my Shipping Queue more often.

      A little off topic, but another thing I learned is that Amazon is the King. Sometimes info gets sent wrong between Amazon and 3rd Party Software (this happened to me with InventoryLab) and it’s always good to keep a close eye on what’s going on inside Seller Central.



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