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Mobile Sourcing Group

Mobile SourcingDo you want a few people that you can “share deals” with?  If so, then you may consider either forming or joining a mobile sourcing group.

I became a part of a mobile group of 50 when I joined the Proven Q4 Plan.  The way that it’s supposed to work is that when you find a great deal either online or at the stores, you then share that deal with the other members.  In return, you’ll see all of the deals that the other members post.

Why Waste Time

Text from the Proven Q4 Plan sales page. Go to the page and find the answer.

Using WhatsApp to Share Deals
In the Q4 group, members post their deals and communicate with each other using the WhatsApp messenger app.  This is a free app that you install on your smartphone which allows you to message others using your internet data plan instead of your regular text messaging plan.

Prior to joining my mobile sourcing group, I have never used WhatsApp but found it pretty simple to setup and start using.  You can easily snap a photo of your “deal” and post it to the other members of your group.  I noticed that with my iPhone 4C, all pictures posted to WhatsApp gets put into my phone’s Camera Roll and Photo Stream.

What’s nice about WhatsApp is they also have a web version that you can access from your computer.  I usually use this version as I like using a larger monitor and keyboard.  Below is a snapshot of what the web version looks like:

WhatsApp Web

Snapshot of the Web Version. I blurred out the conversations though.

I like WhatsApp because it’s easy to access and you can quickly read your new messages.  What I don’t like about it is that conversations aren’t grouped together or organized in any form.  All messages are presented in the order of the time submitted so when there are multiple members talking about different subjects, it’s hard to keep track of the different conversations.

Tip: Turn off the sound notifications if you don’t want your phone to “ding” every time there’s a new message.
Four new WhatsApp messages.

Four new WhatsApp messages.

Mobile Sourcing Group vs Shared VA Program
I’ve been a part of my group for just under a month and see the benefit of sharing deals with others.  You don’t feel so alone and you save time from having to find all of the deals on your own.  On the flip side, you do have the risk of increased competition and you may have group members that do not contribute at all.

In a way, the mobile sourcing group is similar to an online shared VA list in that multiple people receive the same finds.  I feel the mobile sourcing group is a great alternative for sharing finds because it’s free and members have control of the group size.

Most lists have 25 to 50 people whereas the mobile sourcing groups can decide to let only 5 people into their group.  Another plus is that members are communicating with each other and building relationships.

Mobile Sourcing Group Wish List
I would like to be a part of a sourcing group in 2016 and this is my wish list for my future group:

  1. A small group of between 5 to 10 members.  With a smaller group, you have less people buying the same “deals”and you have a great chance of building a relationship with each of the other members.
  2. All members contribute and participate.  Granted, not everyone will find a deal every day to share.  However, members can contribute by sharing tips and answering questions.
  3. Have a procedure to remove non-contributing members and to allow new members into the group.
  4. Have a private Facebook group for non-deal questions and tips.
  5. Use the WhatsApp strictly for sharing deals. This way when you’re in the stores, you can quickly scroll through the deals without having to scroll past the general questions.
  6. Have profit, ranking and ROI criteria that deals must pass before they can be posted.

The two leaders of the Proven Q4 Plan, Lance Wolf and Barrington McIntosh started their own mobile sourcing group with six other people.  Over time, it evolved into something bigger and better which helped each of them grow their own businesses.  You can learn more about them at

I am not affiliated with them nor have I tried any of their other services.  I just wanted to point out that sharing info and helping each other has the potential of going above and beyond “deal sharing”.

Wishing each of you a successful 4th Quarter!

Diana Poisson

p.s.  Lance and Barrington are a part of Jim Cockum’s My Silent Team community.   To learn more about Jim, be sure to read his Silent Sales Machine book and join his Facebook Group!

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  • Terry Kinder October 26, 2015, 7:05 pm

    So, Diana, are you looking to join an already established group or start one? Also, are there any particular needs, e.g., retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, wholesale, etc.

    I am transitioning to more online arbitrage, but also do some retail arbitrage opportunistically and wholesale.

    I’m not a large seller at this point, but have been refining what I buy and what profit I want / need to make. Have been moving away from toys and baby items where it seems many sellers are selling at low margins.

    Moving more toward household, kitchen and other items where prices, in some cases, are more stable. Don’t really like to buy anything under 40% gross profit margin.

    Anyhow, if you do start a group I would like to be considered for it. Really enjoy your blog.



    • Diana October 26, 2015, 9:00 pm

      Hi Terry, at this point, I’m open to either joining or starting my own group.

      For the rest of this year, I’ll be focusing on retail arbitrage as I want to get my items to the warehouses as quickly as possible. Like you, I’m refining what I’m buying and have become more pickier over the last few months.

      In 2016, I want to move into shoes as I just got approved for that category. Also, I want to get back into doing more OA and find a few wholesale accounts. I do get worn out at the stores so I think doing more online will be better in the long run.

      Lets touch bases after the holidays and see if there are any mobile groups that are taking more people in or if we should start are own.


      • Terry Kinder October 26, 2015, 9:58 pm

        Hi Diana,

        Sounds good. I’m finding, personally, less and less items that are worth buying in many retail stores. I am also less inclined to take on the risk of buying a toy, for example, and sending it in knowing that in all likelihood, 20 other people will buy it and mark the price down to either an unprofitable or minimally profitable level.

        I think some of the pricing issues with other sellers either owes to not really understanding their all in costs, poor understanding of gross profit margin / ROI, etc. and using repricers without monitoring them or realizing exactly how they work. I see enough items priced impossibly low (no profit even if they item cost was $0 to know that mistakes are being made.

        So I have been looking for items with a minimum of sellers. I prefer 3 or 4 others. Have been working at getting my average selling price up – trying to avoid making $3 or $4 on an item. Much more interested in items I can make $10.00 per sale when I can find those.

        Retail Arbitrage, for me, is getting a bit stale – both in terms of finding the kinds of items that meet my criteria to sell and also just not enjoying it as much. I’m still doing it opportunistically once or twice per week as I am out and about as well.

        I do prefer OA though. It can take a lot of work at times to find items, but I can be more thorough, check sales rank, verify what other sellers are on the listing (including Amazon), and taking time to watch if item selling price holds up over time – no need to jump in right away. Gives me time to watch, wait and decide if I want to buy something.

        Personally, haven’t tried to get approved in any gated category. Imagine at some point will do so. Right now just trying to refine the business and build up a minimum number of products I can stock deeply enough that will turn over at a good profit.

        I’ll make a note to contact you after the holidays. If for some reason you don’t hear from me, please contact me.


  • Jonathan October 29, 2015, 9:06 pm

    I would love to be a part of a mobile group if you do decide to make one. Kit!

    • Diana October 30, 2015, 3:02 am

      Awesome, glad to hear that! Looks like we have 3 members now – you, me and Terry. If I start one, it’ll be in January so I’ll get a hold of you then!

  • Corrin November 2, 2015, 1:31 pm

    Great article! I have been thinking about doing this myself but it really has to be the right group pf people and they should be in different locations geographically so they aren’t overlapping stores. Also, everyone has to contribute which is another hurdle. I do think it is a great idea though.

    • Diana November 2, 2015, 2:08 pm

      Hi Corrin, You’re absolutely right, finding the right group of people is key – they need to contribute and also not share the finds with other groups. I like your point about being in different geographical areas as it wouldn’t work if we’re all running to the same Target store! It may be bumpy at first getting the right mix of people in. Anyway, glad you stopped by and have a great Q4!

  • Kasey January 10, 2016, 8:39 pm

    Hi Diana, just ran across this post via a google search. The idea of a mobile sourcing group interests me, How do I find these? I have been an ebay seller since 2000 and just got start with merchant fulfilled amazon last year and this year hope to do FBA. I do a bit of retail arbitrage.

    • Diana January 11, 2016, 2:51 am

      Hi Kasey, I was assigned to a mobile group with my Q4 Coaching group. After the group, a few of us decided to create our own private Facebook group. But there is very little participation in it so it’s not working out. To find a mobile sourcing group, I think it just has to happen naturally. Meet a few people online that you like and trust and create your own group. I have also seen people in Facebook groups ask others if they want to create a small mastermind group.

      I decided not to create one at this time as I’m moving away from RA and going to focus more on OA and shoes this quarter.



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