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Why Do You Sell on Amazon?

Fishing DreamQuick Question: Why did you become an Amazon Seller?

My answer: Because I wasn’t making any money from my 3 websites and it was time to try something else.

Not the best reason, but it was my reason.  But to go back further, here was my mindset, my set of “whys” when I started my first website.  I’m sure many of you can relate:

Why did you start a website?

To make extra money. Why?

So that I can quit my job and travel. Why?

So that I can enjoy life more.

A Little History on Why I Started This Blog and Why I Started Selling on Amazon
I started my first website back in February 2013 with the hope of making enough money so that I can quit my job and work at home.

Though I enjoyed my job, I didn’t like my lifestyle because it seemed like all I did was go to work and clean house.  Plus since I worked with my husband, taking time off with him was almost impossible because one of us always had to be at the business to run it.

To get out of the rut that I was in, I spent the next year learning how to blog and started 3 websites.  Second Half Dreams (this blog) was my first one but I had a different topic at the time.  Then I started MyDecluttering and Eating Protein.


The final blog post on My Decluttering.

None of them took off and I was working a lot of hours earning a few extra cents or maybe even a few dollars a month.  My best month before joining Amazon was $10.58!

Then I saw the Cliff & Jessica Larrew interview on the SmartPassiveIncome site and immediately signed up as a seller as I figured it would be a better way for me to make extra money .

So I immediately switched gears and quit the websites to focus completely on Amazon FBA.  But then I didn’t want to give up my websites 100%, so I started writing about Amazon FBA on this website.  I felt guilty about abandoning the other two websites, but one lesson that made sense from Lynn Terry’s Niche Success Blueprint (NSB) is to focus on only one website at a time.

I spent my first year figuring out websites/blogging 100% on my own.  In Jan 2014 I purchased the NSB course and in March 2014 I had that record $10.58 month!  Now I easily earn over $10 in a day with my website and I have Lynn Terry to thank for that.

Some Self-Motivation
For a year and a half after joining Amazon, I worked hard and spent every spare minute working on my online businesses.  I wrote blog posts before going to work and instead of relaxing on Sundays, I was sourcing in the mornings and packing boxes in the afternoons.  Sometimes I felt like my life was worse because I didn’t have any free time and I thought about quitting more than a few times.  But then I would say “Self, do you want to continue living a life that you don’t enjoy or do you want to push yourself to change it?”

Working Hard Was Worth It
A few months ago, we made a family decision that it would be better for me to stay home with my mom.  She is having health problems and I wrote about my decision to leave my job in this blog post.

To be honest, I don’t know if I would have said good bye to a guaranteed paycheck to take care of her if I didn’t have my online businesses to supplement my income.  Yes, my mother is paying me a small hourly wage to take care of her, but it’s less than what I brought home with my regular job.

Today, I’m 100% comfortable with my decision and I know it was the right one.  Besides being able to take care of my mom, I am able to spend more time building my businesses.

My website is now steadily bringing in between $500 and $600 a month and my Amazon business is improving.  With the increase in sourcing time, I’m sending in more inventory than I ever did before.  Plus, I just got approved in shoes and luggage so now I have more categories to explore.

I’m sorry if I got off track as this post was supposed to be about finding your “whys” and motivation.  But even though I’m not giving you a 3-step program on how to get motivated, all I can say is that motivation to change my life is why I’m able to go on a trip next week.

My Why is to travel more

Did I mention that my husband and I are going to Washington, D.C. next week?  In the past whenever he flew back east to visit his daughter and go to a meeting, I had to stay and run the shop!

Q4 Motivation
Motivation is so important that even the two Q4 Coaching groups that I belong to – the Q4 Success Group and the Proven Q4 Plan –  emphasize motivation as being a big key to Q4 success.

The coaches talk about hustling, working all day and all night and not doing a whole lot of anything else.

I plan on hustling this quarter and making Q4 an awesome one.  For me, hustling means:

  • Leaving the house a couple hours earlier to get more sourcing done
  • Giving up my glass of wine at dinner so I can drive to stores after dinner for more sourcing
  • Getting my products shipped to Amazon the next day instead of holding them til next Monday
  • Staying off of Facebook and using that time to source or research products online
  • Making time on my upcoming trip to watch educational videos/spreecasts and to source online

Once Q4 is over over with, I’ll continue to work hard in 2016 and move forward with my new set of personal goals.  My “whys” have changed in that I want to succeed at my businesses so my husband can work less hours and go fishing everyday! I finally realized that life is too short to just work and not have adequate time to relax and enjoy the day.


Looking forward to the future when he can do more fishing!

What is your “why?”  Please share in the comments below or on my Facebook page.

Are you interested in having your own website or selling on Amazon?  If so, please write down your “why” and then take a look at Lynn Terry’s Niche Success Blueprint and Jessica Larrew’s Amazon Boot Camp.  I highly recommend Lynn’s course for your website and Jessica’s course for Amazon FBA.
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