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4th Quarter for FBAThe official start of the 4th Quarter is just a few days away and I want to say that I’m both excited and nervous.

Excited because of the potential to increase sales, make more money and grow my business in a short amount of time.  Plus with all of the “talk” about Q4, it’s an exciting time for Amazon Sellers.  Even though I do Amazon 100% on my own, I feel like I’m a part of something HUGH.

Nervous because of what if I fail? I’ve been telling my husband that my business will take off in the 4th Quarter. I have high expectations for myself and if I don’t reach my personal sales and profit goals, I don’t know what I’ll do after.

This will be my second Q4 but in a way, it feels like my first.  Last year I was working and didn’t do anything special or get caught up in the excitement.  I just worked at my regular job, sent in my normal small weekly shipments and didn’t change my routine at all.  On a good note, I did experience the thrill of extra sales and my December numbers were twice as high as my normal months.

This Q4 though will be much different. I’m excited (and nervous), have time to source, have more experience, have the “hustle” mentality and I’ve already been preparing myself for it!

Here’s what I’ve done:

  • Joined Beth and Seth Maus’s Q4 Success Group. I was a part of their toy group last summer and was really impressed with their knowledge and willingness to help the group members. Plus, the developer of WebScout, Roger Tipping is part of the coaching team.  It’s exciting to have Q4, retail abitrage and online arbitrage training all in the same course!
  • Researched toys by spending hours in the toy aisles scanning and scanning and scanning some more.  When I’m not in the stores, I spend time at home learning about character lines and checking the Amazon Best Sellers and Movers & Shakers lists to see which toys are popular.
  • Organized my Amazon FBA work area. This area is also a guest room and it’s tiny.  Removing some clutter and moving my larger sized poly bags to an easily accessible drawer will make me more time-efficient in the prepping & shipping part of FBA.

Before organizing, this drawer was full of junk and the bags were stored in a box underneath a green sleeping bag.

  • Ordered a batch of poly bags. I ordered the Small 400 Combo package from BubbleFAST.   Or if you prefer Amazon, here is the link.  I poly bag everything and don’t want to take the chance of running out of them.
BubbleFAST Shipment

The bags arrived super fast!

  • Signed up for one week of the Proven Q4 Plan and love the excitement and knowledge by the other members.  Since joining yesterday, I watched a video on how to get approved in Star Wars 7 and started the process.  I also researched an item from the 2014 Hot List from last year.  Also became part of a group of other Sellers where we will share deals with each other.  I truly anticipate that I’ll continue with the full program after my trial week is over.

I hope each of you have a fun, exciting and profitable Q4. However, don’t forget to stop every so often and take a minute to relax and enjoy the season.


p.s. Beth, Seth are Roger are having a Spreecast on Tuesday, September 29th!  Check it out to learn more about their group.  I joined the WebScout 5 Group. If you join also, be sure to let me know!

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