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I’m Leaving My Regular Job to Work at Home

Stay-Focused-Quote JJ Cool JWorking at home has been my dream, my goal for the past two years but I never really thought that it would ever happen.  But it finally will as I gave my six weeks notice and will be leaving my job in July.

I’ve been working at the same business for 16 years now.  My husband and I bought it back in 1999 and sold it in 2011.  We both were hired on to run the store and now I’m leaving.  The hardest part about this is knowing that my husband will have to work twice as hard doing both his job and mine if we don’t find someone new to replace me before July.

The main reason that I’m leaving is to take care of my mom.  She’s a private person so I’m not going to discuss every detail about her, but she moved in with us after her husband passed away.  Her health has declined and she is requiring more and more care.


My mom and I back in 2007 on our Alaskan Cruise!

The way it works now is that I work six days a week, come home and help her with a few things.  I squeeze in working on my website and Amazon FBA early in the mornings and at night.  Unfortunately, this current lifestyle isn’t working because I’m wearing myself out and she’s not getting all of the care that she needs.

Our choices were to hire someone to come in and take care of her while I continue to work or she can hire me.  It just made sense for her to hire me.  I won’t be getting paid as much as I get from work, but I truly believe that I can make up the deficit (plus more) with Amazon FBA.

Mother-and-Daughter-2So we each know what to expect, we came up with a schedule.  She likes to sleep late and stay up late so my shift with her won’t start until 1:00 pm.

Since I’m a morning person, I’ll continue to get up by 6 am and spend an hour or so on my website or doing bookkeeping.  Then I’ll exercise & dress and then spend the rest of the morning on Amazon FBA.

I plan on concentrating on both online and retail arbitrage with the goal of building up my inventory quickly.  I’ll be looking for a combination of fast-turning items, replenishables and things that I can bundle together.  I live within 30 minutes of just about every store that you can think of so driving time really isn’t a big factor.

What’s exciting is that I’ll be able to go to book sales and estate sales and hit some less-known stores that I couldn’t get to while working.

I’m looking forward to this new chapter in my life and I’ll let you know how it works out.

Take Care,


p.s. Did you quit your job to work at home?  Please let me know how it worked out by leaving a comment below or on my Facebook page!

p.p.s. This past week, I’ve been watching the CES videos because it’s very inspiring to hear personal stories from others that stay at home and run a successful Amazon FBA business.  I especially enjoyed watching the videos of Barrington McIntosh and Jessica Larrew.   One day I hope to enjoy the same type of success and lifestyle that they do.

You can see what the CES videos are all about here and if you’re interested in viewing them yourself, don’t purchase them off of that page.  They’re included in the Proven Amazon Course which costs less than the CES videos do.


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