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Amazon Boot Camp LogoHello!  In this post, I’m going to review the Amazon Boot Camp course that was created by Jessica Larrew.  I bought it nine months ago and it’s a great course for beginners because it covers the basics of Amazon FBA.  The categories of the new version 2.0 course are:

  • Laying the Foundation
  • Before You Buy
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Sourcing For Products in Person
  • Sourcing For Products Online
  • Amazon Inventory Prep & Shipping
  • Amazon Seller Central Workflow
  • Accounting & Business Setup
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Bonus Modules

As you can see, Amazon Boot Camp covers a lot of ground.   I felt good buying Jessica’s course because she knows what she’s talking about.  She and her husband Cliff are successful Amazon Sellers.  I learned about them in Pat Flynn’s podcast and their story inspired me to start selling on Amazon too.

I didn’t buy their course right away because the $297 price tag scared me.  So, I spent my money on inventory & supplies and decided to go the free education route.  Here’s proof from one of my old blog posts.  It’s my education action plan that I wrote nine days after signing up as a Seller:

Education – read blog posts, watch YouTube videos and connect with other people doing FBA.

Don’t get me wrong,  I learned a lot and will continue learning from Amazon FBA blogs, videos and Facebook groups.  But my problems with my action plan were that it took me too long to find the answers to specific questions, I didn’t know who to follow, there was too much online information to sort though and I didn’t feel confident that I was building my Amazon FBA business the “right way.”

So a few weeks later, I opened up my pocket book and invested in both Cynthia Stine’s book and Amazon Boot Camp.  Luckily at that time, Amazon Boot Camp was on sale so I paid just $239 for the course.  Cynthia’s book covers many of the same topics but I’m going to limit this review to Amazon Boot Camp only.

What Do You Get With Amazon Boot Camp?
You get video training, supplemental reading materials and access to their Facebook group and support forum.  

There are over 40 video training modules.  This is a screenshot from the current sales page that shows some of the lessons provided:

Amazon Boot Camp Lessons

Now that you know what’s covered, here are a few topics that aren’t covered: Creating Bundles, Wholesale Accounts, Drop Shipping, Private Label Products and Outsourcing.

Please keep in mind that Amazon FBA is big.  In no way does this course cover every topic and detail of running an Amazon FBA business.  For example, the Sales Tax Basics course gives you the basic steps for registering for sales tax in your nexus states, but you’re not going to get specific instructions on how to register for sales tax in Arizona and Texas.

More About the Course
Once you’re a member, you’ll login to your account and you’re led to a screen with links to all of the lessons.  What I like is that all videos are short (many under 15 minutes), to the point and not filled with extra chit-chat.  You get in, learn the topic and get out.  You’re not spending the first few minutes listening to Jessica tell you about her day.

In some lessons, Jessica shares her computer screen with you.  My one regret after purchasing the course is that I didn’t buy it sooner as I spent a lot of time figuring out how to list in Amazon Seller Central on my own.  The “Sending Your First Shipment” video makes it easy to learn as you’re watching Jessica’s screen as she goes through the listing process.


Additional accompanying materials are included with the videos.  What you receive is different with each lesson, but it’s usually some sort of a combination of  PDF downloads, checklists, frequently asked questions or links to other resources.  I liked that in the “Setting Up Your Business Legally” lesson, you get a printable “Business Set-Up Checklist” that lists the steps discussed in the video.

The number of lessons offered will grow as they add new modules.  Don’t worry, you’ll get them too.  After I signed up, they added in the lessons on the Scoutify App, Getting Category Approval in Restricted Categories and Merchant Fulfilling.  Also, a few days ago, I gained access to their updated Online Sourcing videos.

More About the Facebook Group & Forum
You’ll find that the private Facebook group is a safe place where you can ask questions, share your successes and challenges.  It’s a community of Amazon Boot Camp members.  Members ask all sorts of questions such as how to submit receipts for approval into the gated categories, how do I package up 3 boxes of cereal, what labels work with the DYMO printer, how to find reports in Seller Central, is Quickbooks or GoDaddy better, how to…….The questions vary across a wide range of topics and I’m impressed with the quickness that they are answered.  The group has paid moderators and I feel that they do a great job.  So far, I haven’t seen members insult each other like I’ve seen in a few other Facebook groups.

Tip: When you first join the group, read the first post on the page.  It’s a sticky post with common questions.

I do admit that I’ve only spent one minute in the forum.  This isn’t due to a lack of quality in the forum.  It’s just that I’m a Facebook person.  But for non-Facebook users or for those that like the thread organization, this may be your preferred place to go to for questions and support.

Extras for Being a Boot Camp Member
I can’t guarantee that these “extras” will be provided in the future, but these are the extras that I’ve seen so far:

Webinars:  From time to time, Amazon Boot Camp members are invited to watch webinars on extra topics.  I watched one last August on Bundles.  Last month (February), they had a Tax Prep webinar.  I don’t know if new members can watch past webinars or not.  Again, I can’t guarantee if there will be more.

Discounts on Other Products:  Grocery Goldmine, Liquidation Gold and Selling Health and Beauty Aids for BIG Profits are a few of Jessica’s other products.  Sometimes her products (including Boot Camp) go on sale and if you’re a Boot Camp member, you’ll get notified of the sale dates.  I always find out by email and from their Facebook Group page.

When I’m notified of a sale, I’ll let you know here.  So, if there’s a course you’re interested in, check back here from time to time to see if it’s offered at a reduced price.

Besides discounts on their own products, they arranged for Boot Camp members to get extended free trials or a discounted price on other Amazon FBA products/services.  For example, at this time, qualifying members get a two-month free trial of Scoutify.

Should You Buy the Course?
By now, you should have a good idea on what’s covered in the course.  But now you’ll need to decide if you should buy it.  Ask yourself:

  1. Are you a new or experienced seller?  New Sellers will benefit more.
  2. What areas of Amazon FBA do you need help on?  Does the course cover these areas?
  3. Do you like video training or do you prefer learning from books or podcasts?
  4. Are you spending lots of time learning on your own?  Will it be better to learn the basics quickly so you can focus on sourcing?

For me, buying the course was a good decision.  I bought it when I was in my second month of selling and recognized that I needed help.  Figuring it all out on my own wasn’t getting me anywhere and was taking too much time.  I learned a lot from the lessons but I believe the biggest benefit for me is that I don’t feel alone in this.  At home, I’m the only person in the household doing Amazon FBA and I don’t know anyone personally that sells on Amazon.  I know now that if I have a question or need help, I can find the answer either in the videos or in the Facebook group. Amazon Boot Camp isn’t going to give you a guaranteed profit or income – that’s up to you.  But it will give you a solid foundation to get your Amazon FBA business started.

I hope my post helps you decide if Amazon Boot Camp will benefit you.  If you’re still not sure, then you can visit the link below and download three free videos!

Amazon Boot Camp – Three Free Videos

As always, please feel free to ask me any questions about Amazon Boot Camp in the comment section below or on my Facebook page.


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  • Jessica @ March 16, 2015, 9:44 pm

    Hey Diana, Thank you for the honest review of our Amazon Boot Camp. We are excited because we are updating the full course right now and the v2.0 will be available in just a couple of weeks. I am enjoying watching your journey of selling on Amazon FBA.

    • Diana March 16, 2015, 11:42 pm

      Hi Jessica, it’s been a lot of fun learning about FBA over the past year. Amazon Boot Camp has been a big part of my progress. Very excited to see the new version 2.0 and it’s great that you keep it updated. Thanks for stopping by. Diana

  • RC March 20, 2015, 12:25 am

    Great Review! I was looking into the bootcamp to start my FBA journey. Might hold off a couple weeks for the new version coming out. Keep up the good work!

    • Diana March 20, 2015, 1:13 am

      Hi RC, a few days after I wrote this review, they started adding in the Boot Camp version 2.0 videos into my account. However, I haven’t had a chance yet to check them out. But, if you buy now or later, I don’t think you’ll miss out on any courses. I wish you the best of luck with your Amazon FBA journey! Please stop by again and let me know how you’re doing. Diana

  • Rose'lani Kane June 4, 2015, 3:35 am

    Great review. I’m holding off to buy for a few reasons, but will get from your link when I do. Have you tried drop shipping at all? I am interested in that as well.

    • Diana June 4, 2015, 5:40 am

      H Rose’lani, I have looked into drop shipping but it looks a little too complicated for me at at this time. However, there is an Amazon FBA course on Udemy that covers drop shipping. If you buy it, wait til it goes on sale as Udemy has site-wide sales every so often. I paid $9.00 for the course and not $498.00.

      I appreciate that you’ll use my link in the future. If you have any questions about Amazon Boot Camp, the Udemy course or even Proven Amazon Course (I just got into that), let me know. I think I have too many courses now! Diana

  • Jim Carruth December 31, 2016, 4:50 am

    I spent a year researching selling on Amazon training before I finally decided to buy the Amazon Boot Camp. After rejecting the obvious scam artists, I watched a video on YouTube by Eleanor Prior. She made a good case for not going the private label route, which I was leaning towards, and recommended Jessica Larrew’s Amazon Boot Camp, which taught retail arbitrage instead. I also read a positive review of Amazon Boot Camp on a different website. Jessica was charging $297 for her course, and the scammers wanted $5,000. After watching a sample video of Jessica’s course, I decided I liked her approach. She warned you about what things not to do – something the other guys never did. That made me trust her.

    After paying for the course, I wrote her and told her that I was glad that I found her course, and that I might have a few questions along the way as I was going through the modules. She seemed OK with this, and I settled down to studying. She answered two of my e-mails. When I asked her about the 30-page Amazon FBA agreement Amazon makes you sign to become an FBA seller, her answer was, “We don’t do any hand-holding.”

    I wondered what constituted a legitimate question, and what constituted “hand-holding.” I surmised that in her view, any question that she couldn’t be bothered answering was hand-holding. When she offered to refer me to people who could help me with this, I said yes, please send me some referrals. She never followed through with the referrals. After that, she stopped answering my e-mails. I felt like she was treating me as one of her Amazon customers; sale made, no further contacted needed. This is not how a teacher treats a student, and it was my first rude awakening about Jessica.

    I then went to her Selling Family page on Facebook to get my answers. I got a lot of helpful responses from other students. One day, a friend of mine forwarded me a link to an article by Cynthia Stine titled, “Is Arbitrage Dead?” In the article, Cynthia had posted inside information about what major changes Amazon was planning to make regarding arbitrage sellers, which of course, had the potential to affect Jessica’s students.

    At the time I felt this article would be good information for the Selling Family members to have, perhaps even open a dialogue, and so I posted a link to the article on the Selling Family, thinking it might be helpful. Jessica went ballistic, removing the link within seconds after I posted it, and told me in no uncertain terms that I would be banned from the group if I tried to pull a stunt like that again. This was my second rude awakening.

    As it turned out, Cynthia’s information was good, and Amazon did implement some sweeping changes that affected retail arbitrage sellers. Cynthia told me that if she revealed her sources, the people who worked for Amazon feeding her this information, would be fired, and so could not reveal her sources on where she got this information. Too bad Jessica didn’t want to hear about this. It might have helped some of her students, but it seemed she was more concerned with protecting her empire than allowing an open discussion of the issue.

    At this point, I stayed away from the Selling Family. It was no longer a place where I felt comfortable. After she threatened me, she had made it very clear that I was not welcome there anymore.

    As far as the course itself goes, I thought it was good, and had a lot of useful information. The main flaw of the course is her premise that you are supposed to scour the various clearance tables of drug and discount stores, find something for one third the price of what it is selling on Amazon, and send those items into Amazon FBA for a tidy profit.

    I tried to do this many times, in many stores, and found the ugly truth was that in almost every case, the discount price the store was offering was the same or higher than what Amazon was selling it for. Take out the FBA fees, and you’re not only not making a profit, but running your business at a loss. The idea that you can buy something at a clearance table and turn around and sell it for three times the price on Amazon is pure fantasy. This is not something Jessica address in her course.

    The second problem I have with her course is her insistence on becoming a pro seller long before your sales as an individual seller supports this. As a pro seller, she recommends you subscribe to expensive services such as Inventory Lab, a $49 a month fee, on top of your $39.99 pro merchant fee. Isn’t this a little like putting the cart before the horse? Buy the Cadillac after you can afford it, not before. She didn’t seem to have any concept of teaching you how to build your business to point where these expenses are justified. She advises you to invest in these premium services long before you can afford them. That’s nice if you have a trust fund, but for the rest of us just starting out, wholly impractical.

    In the Tools of the Trade module, she recommends you buy a $350 Uline tape dispenser. Really? She also recommends a Scotch low-noise tape dispenser for $25, so as not to wake the baby at night while they’re packing up their FBA shipments. When Cliff demonstrated it on the video, it was so loud that I almost fell off my chair from the sheer volume of noise it made. I think it even woke the neighbors. So of course, I had to ignore these ridiculous suggestions.

    Jessica has prepared a course with some very good information. I have benefited from taking her course, learning things that I didn’t know before. But her treatment of her students, her resistance to feedback and questions, and her refusal to open discussions on issues that may affect arbitrage sellers borders on despotism. I guess she is just too busy being fabulous, selling on Amazon, to bother about her student’s concerns. Buy the course, learn what you can, but be aware that you are on your own, once the sale’s been made.

    And good luck finding items you can buy at one third the cost, and then turn around and sell for three times the price on Amazon.

    • Diana January 4, 2017, 12:52 am

      Hi Jim,
      I’m sorry that you had some negative experiences. I’ve had an experience with the creator of a different product. He was very nice and friendly while chatting with me about purchasing his product. Once I told him I bought it, he never said thank you and instantly quit chatting with me.

      With that said, I’ve always found Jessica to be very friendly to me I have had only positive conversations with her. I’m sure with over 2000 members in her group, she is unable to answer individual questions.

      I personally don’t follow the 3x rule and typically go down to 50%. Right now I’m wanting to turn my inventory over as quickly as possible and will go down to a lower ROI if the sales ranking supports a quick turn around.

      Good luck with FBA!


    • Yvonne May 2, 2017, 5:10 pm

      Hi Jim,
      I want to thank you so much for the review of your experiences with ABC and Jessica Larrew. I’ve been scouring forums and sites trying to find *truly* objective reviews or at the very least opinions based on folks who had actual experience with the course and its creator(s).
      I am a complete noob to FBA and my only online selling experience is dabbling in eBay on and off for about a decade now, so my assumption is that I would be one of these types that has a lot of questions and would need a wee bit of “hand holding” until I get the gist of what I’m doing. I’d be willing to pay additionally for mentoring during the early stages of FBA selling to ensure I get this right and don’t waste time and/or money. If ABC doesn’t have that sort of option, then perhaps I should hold onto my $$ and wait to see if that’s included in Version 3.0 or elsewhere in the FBA online training course world.

      Thank you again so much for a well-written, eye-opening review. You’ve definitely given me a lot to think about and great insight into the good, the bad, and the ugly of ABC/Jessica Larrew.

  • John January 10, 2017, 5:26 pm

    Are the videos on line downloadable in an actual hard DVD or do you have to watch them live? Don’t thing I could afford the data use if you have to watch live.

    • Diana January 10, 2017, 7:46 pm

      Hi John,

      You have to log into your account to watch the videos online. I just logged into my account and didn’t see any options to download to your computer.



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