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How to Apply for a GTIN Exemption for Your Amazon FBA Bundles + Free Checklist

Earlier this month, I received a pallet of 10 different products from a wholesale company that I recently opened an account with.

First time I received a pallet!

I’m very excited about these products because –

  • Seven of them are in the top 1% of its category
  • They’re small and easy to pack
  • They don’t expire
  • They are in a category that I personally love!

I’ll be making 4 bundles with these products.  One of the bundles will be combined with products from a different wholesale company.

In today’s post, I’ll go over one step of the bundle process – applying for a GTIN exemption.

GTIN Exemption

Amazon usually requires a unique identifier such as a UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN when you list a product.  This poses a slight problem because bundles aren’t “born with” a unique identifier.

Therefore to list your bundle, you’ll need to either purchase a UPC barcode & comply with Amazon’s barcode rules or apply for a GTIN exemption for your bundle’s category.

Once you have your GTIN exemption, then you can list your bundle without a barcode.

*** For more information on GTINs, GTIN exemptions and how they apply to bundles, read this page: How to list products that do not have a GTIN (UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN)

In today’s post, I’m going to show you how to apply for a GTIN exemption.  It’s pretty easy to do and here are the steps:

STEP 1 – Gather Bundle Information

When you apply for your GTIN exemption, you’ll need to give Amazon information about your bundle.  They will ask for the following:

  • Bundle SKU
  • Bundle Title
  • Category that you’re listing it in
  • Link to your main bundle image

Here’s some info to help you with gathering your bundle information:

Bundle SKU: This is the Seller SKU that you’re already familiar with whenever you list a product.  I like to do my bundles in this format: BU-MMDDYY-DESC-1234X.

  • BU – stands for bundle
  • MMDDYY – can be the date that you purchased the products or today’s date
  • DESC – short bundle description or the primary brand or supplier of your bundle products
  • 1234 – your cost for all of the bundle items
  • X – just to help with an Excel formula that extracts the buy cost from the SKU

For more about creating your own SKUs, read Save Time by Creating Custom Merchant SKUs.

Bundle Title: This is the name of your bundle.  Be sure that you follow Amazon’s Bundling Policy.

I typically write my bundle titles in a format similar to this:

Pill Supplies Bundle of 2 items: Weekly Pill Organizer and Pill Splitter

Category: The spreadsheet has a drop down box with the names of the top-level categories.  So at this point, you don’t have to go deep into the category options.  However, you’ll need to find the correct category when you list your bundle.

Amazon’s Bundling Policy has this category guideline:

A bundle may be listed in a single category only, even if the products comprising the bundle are from multiple categories. If a bundle includes products from multiple categories, it may be listed only in the category of the highest priced item in the bundle. The only exception to this guideline is if the highest priced item is BMVD or Video Games (because bundles may not be listed in these categories). In these cases, the bundle should be listed in the category with the second highest prices item that is not BMVD or Video Games.

Note: I went to apply for a GTIN Exemption in the Arts & Crafts category.  However, Arts & Crafts wasn’t listed in the drop down box.  I contacted Amazon Seller Support and they said to use the Home & Garden option for Arts & Crafts bundles.

Link to Your Main Bundle Image:  After you have your bundle’s main image, you need to upload it to a website.  If you don’t have a website, you can use a photo sharing service such as  I’ve used them before without any problems.

Here are a couple of posts to help you with your images:

Quickly Take Amazon, eBay and Poshmark Product Image Photos!

How to Create an Image that Meets Amazon’s Requirements

STEP 2 – Download and Fill Out the Non-Branded Product List Template

Once you have your bundle information, download and fill out the “Non-branded product list” template.

You can download a copy of it here: Nonbranded_Products Template

However if you prefer, you can also go to How to list products that do not have a GTIN (UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN) and download it directly from there.

The template is a spreadsheet with 3 tabs on the bottom:

Fill out the 3rd tab.

Then just go to the “Template – Product List” tab and fill out your bundle information:

You can list up to 50 products or bundles on this spreadsheet.

Then save the spreadsheet and you’ll upload it to Amazon in the next step.

STEP 3 – Fill Out the GTIN Exemption Request Form

The final step is to fill out Amazon’s GTIN Exemption Request form.

This is how I submitted my most recent request.

The form is pretty easy to fill out.  Then press “Submit” and wait for an answer.  According to Amazon, you’ll receive an answer within 3 business days.  I’ve always received mine within a few hours of applying:

Listing Your Bundle

When you go to list your bundle, you’ll leave the “Product ID” field blank because you don’t have a valid number or letter combination to enter.  Later on after the product is listed, Amazon will enter the ASIN here.

Get the GTIN Exemption Checklist!

I hope that this blog post helps you with getting your GTIN exemption!

If you need a short version of this, then grab a copy of the GTIN Exemption Checklist by entering your information below!  ***If you’re already a subscriber, fill out the form and you should be automatically directed to the download page.

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