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Merch by Amazon – One Year Report

Since it’s just a few days past my one-year Merch By Amazon anniversary, I thought it’s a great time to give an update.

General Notes & Sales Spreadsheet

Just a few general notes –

  • I don’t spend very much time on Merch by Amazon.  In fact, once I went almost 2 months without uploading new designs.
  • I’m at the 500-Tier Level with 10 uploads per day.
  • I mainly create my own designs now.  However, I have purchased designs from VA Rentals, Merch Ready Designs, MerchReady and I had a designer from Freeeup make a few.
  • I use Photoshop, Make Merch and GetStencil to create designs.
  • I use Merch Informer to research new design ideas.

I know that I typed “Tired” instead of “Tiered.” 🙁

As a disclaimer, ten of those sales were purchased by me for gifts and personal use!

Higher Sales in June, July and August

Sales went up during the summer.  But here’s what’s interesting – the designs that I made are selling better than the purchased designs!

This is somewhat amazing considering that one year ago, I had zero Photoshop design skills.

Here’s the report for the past 90 days:

  • BLUE – My Designs: 52 sales, 5 cancellations
  • GREEN – Purchased Designs: 11 sales

Does Having a Facebook Page Help?

Some of you know that I created a Facebook page in a specific niche.  But here’s another interesting note – 60% of my recent sales are from that same niche!

Did the Facebook page help with these sales?

I applied portions of Rachel Miller’s Page Strategies course to this niche Facebook page.  Though I do not implement everything that she teaches, I do share one image or video every morning and reply to all comments.

Move Away from Amazon FBA?

My Merch by Amazon sales are nothing to brag about and I take full responsibility for that.  How can a business grow and thrive if it gets ignored for weeks at a time?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about that lately and have a few questions –

  • What would happen if I took a few weeks off from Amazon FBA and focused on Merch by Amazon instead?
  • Do I want to gradually move away from an inventory-based business (Amazon FBA) and focus more time on non-inventory based businesses such as Merch, CreateSpace and this blog?

My primary focus for the rest of the year is Amazon FBA since Q4 is coming up.  But after that, we’ll see….

Hope to hear from you in the comments or on Facebook!

Be sure to visit the Merch Resources page for more Merch by Amazon blog post links, services and tools!

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  • Whitney September 7, 2017, 6:10 pm

    I love reading all of your updates! I have been thinking hard about moving from an inventory based business to digital businesses as well. However, I will still be participating in Q4 this year. I am currently in tier 25 and am making slow progress but I’m fine with that. Great job! You show that being consistent yields results.

    • Diana September 9, 2017, 3:45 am

      Hi Whitney,
      I truly understand about slow progress as I went through that with this blog. But I stuck with it every day and gradually went from making nothing, to 3 cents a month, to $7.00 a month, to $50.00 a month, to $100 a month, to over $1000 in a month, and so on…But it took over 2 years to get to that point. So yes, being consistent and sticking with it will give you results and it’s okay if it’s slow progress. At least it’s progress!!

      Sounds like we’re both on parallel paths right now with the Q4 focus and working on our Merch businesses. I wish you luck and let me know how you’re doing from time to time!


  • Min September 18, 2017, 2:40 pm

    Great job Diana! I think it’s amazing that you picked up Photoshop in 1 year and is now proficient enough to create simple designs. I have some basic knowledge of Photoshop from years back, but have forgotten most of it from lack of practice. At times I feel discouraged thinking I can never catch up to designers who use it on a daily basis, and its better to outsource. Reading ur blog makes me feel nothing is impossible if we persist and apply ourselves. (:

    This is one of the most realistic blogs about selling on Amazon. Unlike many other bloggers, your posts are sincere, down-to-earth, no fluff, no hype, no hard sell nor up sell. All the best, and I look forward to your future posts!

    • Diana September 18, 2017, 4:33 pm

      Hi Min,
      I’m glad you like the blog! I try to keep it real and though I am an affiliate of most the products that I use, I’m not into the hard-selling.

      As for Merch and Photoshop, yes, if you keep at it, your skills will improve. I’m sure not a pro at Photoshop yet, but am getting better at it. Even easier than Photoshop is Make Merch because they supply you with the templates. All you have to do is type in your text and choose or upload an optional image. This way you can spend your time on research rather than on design.

      I wish you luck and thank you for your nice note!


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