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Daily Diary: Shoes, eBay, Wholesale, Amazon FBA Book

Welcome to today’s Daily Dairy.  Today I’ll go over yesterday’s activities.

Quick Stuff

These activities just get a quick mention:

  1.  Know Your Numbers Spreadsheet (get your free copy from this Daily Diary).
  2. List new OA purchases that are going to Pacific Prep Services.
  3. Buy books that were found using eFLIP.
  4. Published yesterday’s guest post.
  5. One monthly sales tax filing.
  6. Bookkeeping and Profit First Calculations.

Jambu Shoes Problem

A few weeks ago, I received this message from Jambu:

HI, I work for Jambu & Co. I have noticed that you recently posted some of our styles on Amazon Marketplace. These are well below our MAP. Do you purchase directly from us? If not you are not authorized to use our Name or Logo in any of your posts. This must be remedied quickly. I have attached our MAP list and policy. If you have any questions or need clarification please let me know.

MAP Admin

About a year ago, I received a similar message from Wanted Shoes.  I contacted Amazon and they said that I can sell the Wanted brand.   So I sold my remaining Wanted Shoes and nothing bad happened.

Then I received 2 or 3 similar messages from other non-shoe brands and always ignored them, sold my remaining inventory and nothing bad happened.

But now I’m more careful about avoiding a suspension, so I recalled the Jambu shoes.  With the advice of a couple of Facebook friends, I also inquired about opening a wholesale account with Jambu.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet.


I spent time yesterday and the day before listing the Jambu shoes on eBay.

Keep in mind, I’m very slow at eBay and not good at it.  Poshmark is much easier for me but I feel that I need to give eBay a fair chance.  Plus, I’m encouraged by my friend who does well with her eBay store.

So on Tuesday, I listed one pair of shoes.  Then yesterday, I took the product images of all of the rest of the shoes and listed two pairs.

For quick and easy eBay and Poshmark images, I place my products on top of white foam cardboard (Office Depot brand) that’s in front of a window for natural sunlight.

Product Image Station

My images turn out like this:

For image-taking tips from a PROFESSIONAL, read yesterday’s post, Boost Your Amazon Sales with Great Product Photos.

New Wholesale Products

I drove to the UPS Store and picked up a box of wholesale products.  This is a new wholesale account that I opened and this is my first order.  I was extremely happy that all 108 items fit inside of the tiny box on the left:

Small items means easy prepping and inexpensive inbound shipping!

I’m really excited about this wholesale account. I’ve had 2 great phone conversations with the sales rep and several emails.  This is a new niche for me and I plan on learning more about it by following the steps in Proven Performance Inventory which is included in the Proven Amazon Course.

By doing keyword research, creating sponsored ads and bundles, my plan is to have a few great bundles by Q4.

Archiving Items

Two nights ago, I purchased FBA Secrets from a Seven Figure Seller: 30 tasks and topics you need to know and from it I learned about archiving old skus:

Since becoming a Seller three years ago, I have never bothered with these “No listing exists for this inventory item” messages.  Well, from the book, I learned that they need to be archived.

As for the book, it’s a fast read and filled with tips.  Most of them I already knew.  You’re not going to learn about sourcing and shipping, but you will learn about the Seller Central tasks that you need to keep up on.

Here’s a portion of the Table of Contents:

  • Your Seller Central Dashboard
  • Buyer Messages
  • Performance Notifications
  • Seller Feedback
  • Account Health
  • Case Log
  • Sales Summary
  • ASIN Changes
  • Price Alerts
  • Unfulfillable Inventory
  • Stranded Inventory
  • Suppressed Inventory
  • Replenishment Alerts
  • Reconciling Shipments for Lost Inventory
  • List and Ship
  • Security
  • Long Term Storage Fees
  • Delete Old SKU’s
  • Sales Tax
  • Removal Orders
  • Keeping Good Records
  • Requesting Reimbursements

It is a good book if you need to learn about the numerous Amazon Seller Central tasks.

I was a little disappointed that my blog wasn’t mentioned in the “Blogs and Websites” section.  🙁

That’s it for today!  Please let me know what you’re up to either in the comment form below or on my Facebook Page!

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  • Disha sharma May 13, 2017, 3:44 pm

    Very informative and well written article thanks for sharing

    • Diana May 13, 2017, 8:05 pm

      Thank you Disha!


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