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How To Prioritize Your Day

Good morning!  Yesterday I published my 2nd Daily Diary and a reader wrote this comment:

You sure do a lot of different things in the course of one day. How do you decide your priorities?

Well, here is the answer!

Separate Tasks into Broad Categories and Order by Money-Makers

My broad categories ordered by Money-Makers are Amazon FBA, Blogging, Merch by Amazon and then other/new projects.

Since I currently make more money with FBA then I do with Merch, Amazon FBA tasks have a higher priority over designing a t-shirt.

With that said, filling up my available Merch slots is still a priority that needs to be scheduled in.

Create Weekly Goals

I prefer weekly goals over daily goals because then it gives me more flexibility on what I do on a given day.

I started the weekly thing years ago with my workouts.  It never made sense for me to say, “I’m going to workout on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then take Thursday off.”  This left no flexibility to skip my Wednesday workout if I wasn’t feeling well.  Likewise, if I was full of energy on Thursday, I should exercise that day!  I found that it’s better to have a weekly goal of exercising 5 times a week and who cares what days I workout and which days I don’t.

The same goes for my shoe sourcing.  I have a weekly goal of purchasing X shoes per week.  I do break that number down into daily sourcing goals, but there are days that I struggle to find anything worth buying and then there are other days that all of these profitable shoes just jump out of my computer screen to me.  Why struggle through a bad sourcing day when based on my history, a better one is just around the corner?

Give Tasks That Will Make You Money Right Away FIRST Priority

An example is if I go to the Nike Outlet Store and buy Nikes or if I receive a shipment of wholesale products to my home.  I will make shipping these items out a top priority because they won’t make me any money while sitting at home.  Once those are shipped out, then I’m free to work on lower priority tasks.

Balance Your Day Between Your Top Priorities and Your Body’s Natural Rhythm

This is really important.

Let’s say I have a pile of Nike shoes that needs to be shipped out.  Yes, that’s a top priority, but I’m not going to work on that at 6 am.

The early-morning hours are reserved for blogging and bookkeeping because that’s when my mind is the sharpest.  If I don’t get my more mentally challenging tasks out of the way in the morning, they just aren’t going to happen.  Same with exercise – if I don’t exercise in the morning, it’s just not going to happen in the afternoon.

If I have shoes that need to be shipped out, I usually start working on that around 11:00 am.  By then, I’m tired of sitting in front of the computer and since I have until 4:45 pm to drop off my boxes at UPS, it really isn’t necessary for me to prep/ship at 6:00 am.

Daily Schedule

Here’s my typical schedule that allows me to move forward with both big and small goals at my optimal times:

6:00 am (or earlier) to 7:00 am: Know Your Numbers spreadsheet, blogging or Profit and Loss Statement

7:00 am to 9:00 am: Exercise or clean house, shower, dress and eat

9:00 am to Lunch Time: Online or retail arbitrage, wholesale sourcing or prepping & shipping

After Lunch: Finish up on a morning task or start work on a lesser priority task

Next: Get off the computer and do errands, pull weeds or take a nap

Next: Finish up on a morning task or start work on a lesser priority task

After Dinner: Read or watch training videos, catch up on Facebook or whatever I feel like

If you notice, I don’t have actual times listed in the afternoon.  I prefer working on a project or task until I come to a good stopping point or need a computer break.

Also, throughout the day, I get up and take quick walking breaks.  I have a Fitbit that alerts me to get up and walk if I don’t take 250 steps before the hour is up.

If You’re Tired, Take a Rest and Refer Back to Your Why

Sometimes if I push too hard for too many days, I get sick which means I don’t get anything done until I’m better.  So, I do allow myself to take an afternoon nap and I’m working on taking Sundays off.

But if I’m just feeling “lazy” and don’t feel like working, I remind myself of my WHY.  Why am I doing this?  I have a BIG WHY that I’m keeping to myself for now but it’s what pushes me forward.  I know all of this hard work will be worth it once I reach my WHY goal.

Priority Question Answered?

To the person that asked me about prioritizing:  I hope this answered your question.  If not, let me know.

Quick Note to Daily Diary Subscribers

This blog post replaces today’s Daily Diary.

Also in general, I won’t have Daily Diaries on:

  • Sundays – my optional day off
  • Mondays – I work at the shop
  • Tuesdays – Nothing to write about if I didn’t work on my online businesses on Sunday or Monday
  • Regular Blog Days – because I don’t have it in me to write 2 blog posts in one day

Thank you for your understanding!

Have a great Saturday!

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  • Teena Murray May 7, 2017, 4:25 am

    Hi, Diana. I’m the one who asked how you prioritize and I appreciate you taking the time to write all of this out. I’m a chronic listmaker. I make lots of lists but then have trouble completing all of the tasks on them. I zeroed in on the part where you suggested setting weekly goals. I have a lot of things come up during a day and it might be less stressful to work on my tasks with this weekly approach. Thanks!

    • Diana May 7, 2017, 1:56 pm

      Hi Teena,
      I hope the weekly approach works for you.

      I’m also a listmaker with lots of lists that I never even look at. I recently signed up for Trello to write down my To Do list and it seems to work well. Plus it’s free! But I still have problems with remembering to login to view my list.


  • Ali May 7, 2017, 4:57 pm

    Thanks Diana!
    Going to try the weekly goals instead of daily goals. This is very helpful.

    • Diana May 7, 2017, 8:09 pm

      Hi Ali,

      I hope the weekly goals help you. In my opinion, they provide more flexibility on when to work on a specific task.

      Good luck!



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