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Daily Diary: Free Spreadsheet, Shoe Buying, Wholesale Website and Merch

Hello!  I’ve been in a blogging rut recently so I decided to experiment with short Daily Diary posts on what I did the day before.  With these posts, I want to share with you what I’m doing & learning and give you tips that will help you with your business.

*** Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.”  This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive a commission.

Know Your Numbers Spreadsheet

 I created a “Know Your Numbers” spreadsheet on February 27.  I update it every morning with the numbers from the day before:

  1. Dollar Amount spent on new inventory.
  2. Number of units purchased.  Since I focus on shoes, I have a shoe-only column and then a column for everything else.
  3. Number of units sold in the shoe, book and “other” categories.  For this, I use InventoryLab’s Accounting -> FBA Sales report.  This report shows the units that were shipped.  If you don’t have InventoryLab, you can use Seller Central and use the Payments-> Transactions View report and filter by Order Payment.
  4. Number of shoes and books in inventory.  I get this number from InventoryLab and record it on Sundays.  I have a separate column for books because I’m getting ready to join eFLIP again to get ready for textbook season.
  5. Number of Merch Designs sold and other Merch data (not shown in the image below).

I started doing this because I want to increase my weekly inventory buying and I want to show my husband a pattern that if I buy more, I’ll sell more.

Since I started tracking, I have almost doubled my weekly inventory spending.  The number of shoes sold for each of the last 2 weeks are 2x more than my 1st week of tracking.

Here’s the spreadsheet for you to download:  Know Your Numbers Spreadsheet

Daily Shoe Buying

Yesterday I severely fizzled on this one as I purchased only 3 pairs of shoes.  Blah.   🙁

The day before on Tuesday, I spent over $700 on shoes and wholesale products.

Then on Monday, I didn’t buy anything as that’s the day I work in the shop.

This week’s inventory purchase goal is $2600 so I have a looooong way to go!

Wholesale Website

I recently hired a person from Freeeup to create a logo for my wholesale website.

The wholesale website is what I use when a wholesaler asks for my company website.  It explains why they should partner with me to sell their products.

Since I now have a new logo, I spent a few hours yesterday updating my website.  I am using the Divi Theme which I downloaded from Elegant Themes.

I read that Jessica Larrew from The Selling Family also uses the Divi Theme.  However, if you look at her website and my wholesale website, they don’t look anything alike.

What’s neat about Divi is that you’re not tied to a specific layout or color.  You can easily add in text, images, sliders, blurbs, testimonials and other cool things anywhere that you want.

Merch Reading

Last night I started reading a Merch book that I recently purchased.  It’s from Michael Essek and you can learn about it here.

Also I was chatting with a friend last night and she said that she applied for Merch and wasn’t approved.  I had her go check her account because I’ve seen posts where people are getting approved but Amazon isn’t telling them.  Well, she checked and found out that she was approved!  So, if you applied, then go back and check your account!  I recommend checking it once a week.

Interested in More Daily Updates?

If you want to be notified by email of these “Daily Diary” posts, then opt-in using the form below.  I’m doing this separate email list because not all of you may want to get more emails from me.  I’ll still use my main blog sign-up list to send you notifications of my “normal” blog posts that includes product reviews, tutorials and more in-depth information on a specific topic.

Have a great day and let me know what you’re up to in the comment form below or on my Facebook page.

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  • Ree Klein May 4, 2017, 6:15 pm

    Hi Diana,
    How are your Merch sales going? I’ve been at 25 designs for months and not been bumped up. I haven’t tried buying a bunch of shirts to trigger the increase to the next level but I may have to do that. I’m not selling many shirts on Amazon anyway.

    I’m on Redbubble and Sunfrog with some of my designs and plan to add more as time permits. I also bought Michael Essek’s new book. He seems to be a really great resource and I’m looking forward to digging in to the materials.

    Thanks for the update; it’s fun to see how you’re doing and what you’re up to!

    • Diana May 4, 2017, 6:24 pm

      Hi Ree,

      My Merch Sales really slowed down the first quarter of this year. I believe some of that has to do with me ignoring Merch and not putting up new designs.

      Last month I signed up for Make-Merch which has really helped me with creating designs as I’m a non-designer. And believe it or not, I’ve sold a few of them! 🙂 I also had my new person from Freeeup design a couple of shirts for me and I purchased pre-made designs from MerchReadyDesigns. However, it looks like they aren’t taking new signups right now.

      I also started submitting shirts on SunFrog and I’m going to explore RedBubble next.

      Miraculously, Amazon tiered me up to the 100-level last month. Not sure why since I have maybe 40 or 50 sales and at the time only had about 13 shirts listed. I lost a lot with the 60-day purge and wasn’t active in filling the slots. I’m changing my schedule so that I do my Amazon FBA Sourcing in week 1 and then work on Merch during Week 2 while I wait for my next Amazon payout.

      Always great to hear from you!



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