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Selling on Poshmark

Have you used Poshmark?  I just signed up for an account with them and sold 2 pairs of shoes in my first week of joining.

The shoes that I’m selling are the ones that I’m unable to send in to Amazon.  I decided to test out Poshmark because I didn’t have any success with selling them on eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

Poshmark is somewhat strange (to me) due to the social part of it and the recommended thank you notes, but I’m having fun with it.

Compared to Amazon and eBay, it’s very easy to learn because there aren’t any complicated rules to follow and the selling and shipping fees are very straightforward.

What is Poshmark?

From the Poshmark Home Page

According to their website, Poshmark is “The new way to Buy & Sell Fashion.”  Here you can sell clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry & accessories and makeup.  You’re not allowed to sell non-fashion items such as toys, books, groceries and household goods.

Shipping Fees

What first attracted me to Poshmark is that the shipping is very simple for Sellers:

  • BUYER pays the shipping for products that weigh 5 pounds or less
  • The shipping fee to the BUYER is a flat $6.49
  • SELLER pays an additional shipping fee for items that weigh over 5 pounds

Shipping fees over 5 pounds

As you can see, calculating your shipping fees is very easy because it’s based on weight only. 🙂

On another note, Poshmark sends everything via USPS priority mail.  So you don’t even need to bother with offering quicker shipping times or calculating price differences between different carriers.

Getting Started

I opened my Poshmark Selling Account on March 25 and the process is pretty easy.  You either sign up on your computer or with the Poshmarket app.  But you might as well download the app right away because that’s where you list your items.

To list your items, just go into the app and take your pictures and fill out the product listing form.

Poshmark lets you have some fun with your pictures.  You’re not required nor is it suggested that you use a plain white background.  Instead they recommend that you create a BEAUTIFUL cover photo (main image) by modeling or styling the items.  Everyone seems to have their own unique approach to creating their cover photo:

Fun shoe listings!

Instagram Comparison

Poshmark has an Instagram look and feel to it because your News Feed is full of images.  Once you click on an image, you can buy the item or like, share or comment on it.  Also you can click on the Seller’s name and look at their closet (items for sale) and follow the Seller.

Poshmark News Feed

The “Following” part is crazy though.  I’ve been on Instagram for over 2 years and have only 242 followers.  In comparison, I’ve been on Poshmark for less than a week and already have 323 followers.  I bet I had over 50 followers within my first hour of posting my first shoe listing.

Being Social

To be successful on Poshmark, it appears that you need to follow, like, share and comment.  The more that you do, the more people will reciprocate and do the same for you.   This gets your products in front of more buyers which increases your chances of selling your items.

This may be a problem for me because I’m not very active on Social Media.  I tend to go days (sometimes weeks) without posting and I tend to go days (sometimes weeks) without following, liking, sharing or commenting on other people’s posts.

Of course, having a large number of followers doesn’t guarantee sales.  You still have to convert the shopper into a buyer by having great images, a great listing and competitive pricing.

Seller Fees

The Seller Fees are very straightforward:

  • Sales under $15.00: Poshmark takes a flat $2.95 fee
  • Sales of $15.00 or more: Poshmark’s commission is 20%.

That’s it.  Pretty simple.  There aren’t any PayPal fees, credit card processing fees or shipping charges for products that weigh 5 pounds or less.

Two Quick Sales of Damaged Sandals

Six months ago, I purchased 2 pairs of Aerosoles Sandals from DSW Shoes for $8.48 each.  DSW puts their clearance stickers on the shoe and shoe box.  When I removed the clearance stickers from the shoes, they left a sticker mark on the right sandal.

I made the discoloration worse on one of the sandals by rubbing it with water.  Obviously, I couldn’t sell either pair on Amazon.

On March 29, I listed both pairs of sandals on Poshmark.  For each listing, I mentioned the discoloration due to the pricing sticker and posted a close-up of the damaged area.

 Return Policy: Buyers cannot return items because they don’t like the style or because they’re the wrong size.  🙂  But they can open a case against you if they receive an item that isn’t described correctly in your listing.

I priced each pair of sandals at $13.00 because I wasn’t too concerned with making a large profit on damaged sandals.

Within 2 hours of listing the sandals, I received an offer of $7.00 for one pair and I accepted the offer.

The next day, another Buyer offered me $10.00 for the second pair of sandals and I accepted.

Here are the numbers for the two sandals:

I am good with both losses because I’ll gain $11.10 to use on new inventory and I no longer have 2 pairs of damaged sandals taking up shelf space at home.  🙂

Poshmark Notes

  1. Buyers can offer a lower price on your items.  You have the option to accept, decline or counter-offer with a new price.
  2. Once the Buyer receives and accepts the item, your earnings are deposited into your Posh account.  You then request Poshmark to send you your money or you can use your earnings to purchase Posh merchandise.
  3. Besides the basic buying and selling, Poshmark also has Posh Parties, Posh Showrooms, Posh Concierge, Boutique Items and Bundling.  You can learn about them in the FAQ section.

Shipping Your Products with a Thank You Note

Once you accept an offer, Poshmark will email you a shipping label and instructions on how to ship.

What’s different with Poshmark is that they suggest that you use beautiful wrapping paper and write a personal thank you note.  Yes, it does sound a little strange, but in reality, it’s not a big deal to add in those extra personal touches.

I used a note card that my friend made.  She sells them on Etsy!

 Ready to Join Poshmark?

Amazon will still be my main selling platform for shoes but I’ll be using Poshmark to sell shoes that I’m not able to sell on Amazon.

I’m Patty1798 on Poshmark and you can check out my closet here.  Most of the shoes currently listed are ones that I had returned to me during the free return period.  I’m unable to send them back to Amazon until the free removal waiting period is over.

If you join, send me your Poshmark name and I’ll be sure to follow you!

Let me know if you have any comments or questions either here or on Facebook!

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