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revROI: An Online Arbitrage Tool That Will Save You Money

Most of you know that I’m an Ebates fan and that I recently started using Raise for buying discounted gift cards.  But did you know that there are numerous other cash back and discounted gift card sites available?  So your next questions may be:

  • Which cash back sites will give you the most money back?
  • Which discounted gift card sites will give you the highest savings?

One way to find out is to check every cash back/gift card site that you know of and that is what I’ve been doing.  So for example, a typical online arbitrage session for me goes like this:

  1. Choose a store
  2. Check Ebates for cash back offer
  3. Check Active Junky for cash back offer
  4. Shop and find inventory
  5. Activate either Ebates or Active Junky
  6. Check Raise for discounted gift cards
  7. Purchase gift card from Raise if they have a decent one available
  8. Complete purchase

My method really isn’t that great because I’m not checking very many cash back / gift card sites which means that I’m potentially losing money by missing out on better offers.  On the flip side, searching through more sites would be very time-consuming.

revROI: A Quick Way to Find the Best Cash Back & Gift Card Offers

I recently purchased revROI and like it because it’s an easy to use Chrome Extension that helps with finding the best cash back and discounted gift card offers.

The way that it works is that you go to a shopping website and then click on the revROI icon on your Chrome toolbar.  It then comes back with graphs that show you the current cash back, gift cards & coupon offers that are available for that specific store.

For example, here are the Sept 24 cash back offers for Sierra Trading Post:

RevROI Graph for STP

When I first saw revROI’s cash back graphs, my first thoughts were that there are a lot of cash back sites that I didn’t know about and that there is no way that I would want to check them all manually!

Here’s the cash back graph for Macy’s:


As much as I love Ebates, it isn’t always the best choice!

revROI Told Me About a 10% Cash Back Offer That I Would Have Missed On My Own

Recently I was shopping at the FeelGoodStore website and used revROI to check the cash back sites.  At the time, BeFrugal offered 10% back.  I can’t remember what Ebates was offering, but it must have been much lower since I ended up using BeFrugal:


I earned 10% back on this purchase!  **NOT TRUE.  SEE COMMENTS BELOW THE POST!

This was my first time using BeFrugal and they gave me $10.00 for signing up as a new user.  This is my referral link for BeFrugal and if you use it, you’ll earn $10.00 and I’ll earn a little as well.  After you’re a member, be sure to pass your referral link around too!

Two Drawbacks of Using too Many Cash Back Sites

One drawback is that most cash back sites won’t give you your payout until you have a minimum amount such as $25.00 built up.  This means that it may take you a very long time to get any payouts if your cash back earnings are tiny and spread across many cash back sites.

Therefore my strategy is to rotate between just a few sites.  Currently I’m going to use only Ebates, Active Junky and BeFrugal.  To make checking each one easy, I’ll run revROI and let it tell me which one has the highest cash back %.   I’m sure that as time goes on, I’ll add in one or two more cash back sites to my rotation.


My recent purchases using Ebates. Small amounts do add up!

The other drawback is that if you activate one cash back site and then activate another during the same shopping session, that you may not get paid on either one.  That has happened to me twice where I didn’t earn any cash back on my purchases.

So now I’m very careful and make sure that I only activate one cash back site during each session.

Finding Discounted Gift Cards

In this post, Save Money On Your Online Arbitrage Purchases, I showed you how I used Raise to save money on a Macy’s purchase.

So far, I’ve only been checking Raise for my OA purchases.  But with revROI, I can quickly check other discounted gift card sites:


When you purchase a discounted gift card, look for the ones that you can redeem online.  Also keep in mind that your electronic gift card may not be available to use immediately.  Therefore if you are planning on shopping at a particular site, it’s good to look for a gift card the day before.

With all of my Raise purchases, the gift cards were available to use immediately.

Unfortunately, sometimes you will get a “bad” gift card.  This happened to me one time for a restaurant gift card purchase.  I emailed the gift card company stating that the card was bad and they issued a refund.  Because they took care of me quickly, I’ll be happy to purchase more gift cards from them in the future.


Another feature of revROI is that it alerts you to the store specials with the Coupons graph:


Then what you can do is put your mouse over one of the blue bars to get more information about the sale.  In this example, if you were to put your mouse over the 75% offer, a message will pop-up saying that the 75% off applies to select clearance and closeouts.

If you’re ever on a store’s website and unsure about where to start your product searches, use the Coupons graph to see where the best sales are.

revROI Video

Christopher Grant created revROI and he has a video that tells you more about it:

For those of you that want to know more about Christopher, you can listen to his interview on the eCommerce Momentum Podcast.

How to Purchase revROI

revROI is available through Gumroad and this is my referral link:  revROI Sales Page

I hope you get a chance to look into revROI further and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me or Christopher Grant.  I’ve chatted with him a few times on Facebook and he is very polite and willing to help out.

Quick Q4 Note

In my last post, I gave out a list of the Q4 Coaching groups.  Since then, I decided to join the Q4 Success Group 2016 led by Beth & Seth Maus.  I learned everything that I know about toys from their toy group last year and I want to continue with my toy knowledge during the holiday season.  If you join their group too, be sure to let me know!

Affiliate Disclosure for SHD

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  • Amy October 6, 2016, 3:15 am

    In the example shown for BeFrugal, isn’t the Cash Back 1%, not 10% ($.80 for $80 purchase)?

    • Diana October 6, 2016, 3:59 am

      Hi Amy,
      You’re right! I didn’t even catch that!

      Besides having bad math, I’m not sure why I would have chosen BeFrugal if it was just 1%, unless it was the only or best offer at the time. I wish I can go back in time to see what happened. Thanks for catching that!


  • Michele Butler October 17, 2016, 5:41 am

    Hey Diana. I wanted to respond and let you know that I also joined Beth and Seth’s toy group again this year. Looking forward to a great Q4!

    – Michele

    • Diana October 19, 2016, 3:20 am

      Thanks for letting me know and I’ll look for you in the group!


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