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How to Remove Price Stickers Quickly and Other Sticker Tips

Six weeks into my Amazon Business, I purchased low-priced inventory from a Bed Bath & Beyond Store that was closing down.   You would think that this would make me excited about my potential profits, but instead it made me miserable.

Why? Because all 36 of my products were covered with multiple price stickers that wouldn’t come off easily with my fingernails and a bit of water.  After spending hours on sticker removal and messing up my fingernails, my enthusiasm for the business went downhill and to be honest, I almost quit the business.

Thankfully, my attitude improved 1000% when I finally learned the proper way to remove price stickers.  All I needed were the proper tools: A Scotty Peeler, a hair dryer and Goo Gone:

Sticker Removal Supplies

My Sticker Removing Supplies

What a difference those sticker-removing tools made!  Removing stickers is now quick and easy with this process:

  1. Heat sticker for a few seconds on low heat with a hair dryer.
  2. Peel off sticker with a Scotty Peeler.
  3. Repeat steps #1 and #2 until the sticker is removed.

If the sticker is super sticky, you may need to spray a teeny bit of Goo Gone on a paper towel and wipe it on the sticker.  If you don’t have any Goo Gone, I read that Ronsonal lighter fluid, rubbing alcohol, lemon essential oil, nail polish remover and olive oil works too.

Be careful: Sometimes the sticker adhesive removers can damage the package or leave a residue.  Use just a little bit at a time and learn how they work on different packaging materials.

What Happens if You Damage the Box?

One of my Bed Bath & Beyond finds were six of these speakers that I paid $1.00 each for:

Rock-It Speaker

Of course, each unit was covered with stickers and I damaged a portion of one of the boxes during sticker removal:


So, this left me with a new item in a damaged box. 🙁

Since the package was damaged, I listed the speaker as used very-good.  I even wrote in the condition notes that the product was new, but the bottom of the package was damaged.  I also uploaded the above picture to my listing.

Doing so cost me $3.00 as I sold all of the other speakers at $12.95 and sold this one at $9.99.  However, I felt good about my decision.  I just wish the customer left me positive feedback though!

Diana, do you still submit pictures of your sticker-damaged products?

No.  I just cover the sticker-damaged area with my Amazon FBA label.  However, in all cases, the product wasn’t expensive.  Also, the packaging was the type that most people would throw away anyway.

Fortunately, most of my purchases are sticker-free or the stickers are easy to remove.  An exception to this is textbook stickers which I’ll cover next. 

Textbook Stickers

I’ve been buying used textbooks like crazy lately with the help of eFLIP.

The problem with used textbooks is that they are often covered with “used” stickers.  The picture below is one of my textbooks that has too many stickers on it.  Fortunately, most of my textbooks aren’t this bad.


So for my first few textbooks, I was removing attempting to remove all of the old stickers from the backs of the books.  This proved to be a very time-consuming and difficult process because there were lots of stickers and some were so sticky that part of the book cover was removed with the sticker.  

After spending an hour removing textbook stickers, my only thoughts were this is crazy and there has to be a better way….

Well, I found the “better way” which is to NOT remove those stickers.  I learned from more experienced booksellers that they leave the stickers on because college students really don’t care about the stickers.

Of course, you still have to cover up any barcodes.  Also, I disclose in the condition notes that there are stickers on the books.  On the flip side, whenever I have a sticker-free book, I’ll mention that in the notes as well.

Not removing the stickers has really sped up the book-prepping process….With that said, I’ll still remove a sticker if it’s an easy one to remove because it does make the book look better.

The Circle Sticker

Since this is a sticker post, here is one sticker that you may need – the clear round circle sticker.

Clear Round Circle Sticker

They’re great if you need to close up a box opening.  They’re not very noticeable and they look as though they’re supposed to be part of the packaging.

Note: I NEVER use the clear circle stickers to close a used game box.  

Become a Sticker Pro

I hope this post helps save you time, keeps your fingernails clean and prevents you from experiencing the same sticker misery that I did.  If you have any sticker tips, please share them in the comment form below or on my Facebook page!

This page contains affiliate links.  I thank you in advance for using them.

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  • Ree Klein July 12, 2016, 8:31 pm

    Diana ~ You are amazing and a shining role model for all sellers. You always take the high road and give your customer the benefit of the doubt if something is borderline. I LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU!

    On a much less important note, I nearly clawed my eyes out trying to remove stickers while I was doing RA. While those amazing little Scotty Peelers are terrific, those stickers (and the scouting) drove me to private labeling. Maybe if I had known you earlier on in my RA days I might have stuck with it 🙂

    Keep on showing how it’s done!

  • Diana July 13, 2016, 2:32 am

    Hi Ree,

    Like I mentioned, I almost quit FBA because those stickers drove me crazy!

    Thanks for the kind words and one day I’m going to learn all about PL from you.


  • Michal Marshall August 25, 2016, 7:08 pm

    I found something even better than Goo-Gone! It is Citra-Solv, which is biodegradable all natural cleaner and degreaser. It has no petroleum distillates, either. I tried using Goo-Gone to remove sticker residue. It was very slow and messy. I then tried the Citra-Solv and was very surprised at how quickly it worked, I have also used it to remove fir tree pitch from clothes and off the drive way! Great stuff and I highly recommend it. Supposedly, you can find it at Michael’s and other art supply stores.
    Again, I really enjoy your FBA adventures especially now that I have finally got off my butt to follow you down the FBA rabbit hole!

    • Diana August 30, 2016, 8:06 pm

      Hi Michal,
      I have been looking for a Goo-Gone alternative so I appreciate the recommendation for Citra-Solv. I shop for inventory at Michaels so I’ll look for it next time I’m there!

      I hope you do well with FBA and get approved for Merch soon!



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