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What I Sold on Amazon FBA: 06/04/16 and Getting an Accountability Partner

Happy Saturday!  In my last post, I shared a shoe that I sold.  I was hoping to have a book for you this time, but all of the books that I sold last week are still in “pending” status.  Therefore it’s another shoe post.  I do love shoes though because they are extremely profitable!

Amazon FBA: Sold on 060416

One Quick Note about Accountability

My husband and I had a long talk about my Amazon FBA business during our drive home from Lincoln City.  To make a long story short, he is now my units purchased accountability partner.  We setup a sourcing goal for the days that I source.  Then at the end of the day, I have to report to him how many units that I purchased.  Since I don’t want to tell him that I fell short on my goal, I have really been stepping it up.  This should help me get over my “I can’t find any products” slump or my “I’m too busy to source” excuses.

Tip: Get an accountability partner to help you with your business!  I do have an online friend where we share the daily details of our businesses.  However, with my husband, it’s very short and simple.  The second that he comes home from work, I just shout out my number of units purchased and he’ll make a few statements.  That’s it, were done.

Well, let’s get started with today’s shoe statistics!

Last Item Shipped

Since it can be a few days before Amazon ships a purchased item, I’ll share the last item shipped.  Below is a screenshot of my Payment->Transactions page as proof of the last item shipped:

060416 What I Sold

Product: Teva Women’s Refugio Water Shoe, Slate, Size 6


Store Purchased: West Marine (Online Arbitrage with Store Pickup to save on Sales Tax)

Date Received at Amazon Warehouse: 05/24/16
Date Amazon Shipped to Customer: 06/4/16
Number Of Days at Amazon: 11

Buy Cost: $24.66
Selling Price:
Net Profit after Fees:
$69.95 – $15.04 (fees) – $24.66 (buy cost) = $30.25
ROI%: 122.67%

Category: Shoe
Ranking on 06/04/16: 43,972
Category % According to RevSeller: Top 6%

060416 RevSeller

An interesting ranking note: In my first What I Sold post, I shared a shoe which had a similar ranking of 46,185.  Today when I checked (4 days later), the ranking is now up to 104,959 and is in the top 14% of the shoe category!

I hope you find these posts helpful and interesting.  By doing these two posts, I learned that shoes don’t need to have a super-low ranking to sell quickly and that the ranking changes quickly!

If there’s any other statistical information that you want to see in future posts, please let me know in the comment form below or on my Facebook Page!

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