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Hello!  It's been awhile since I've shared my "last items sold," so it's time to share my last 2 items that were sold and shipped.   Both are toys: I bought this from Fred Meyer for $5.39.  It sold pretty quickly as it was received at the warehouse on Dec 7, 2016.  Here are the numbers: Category: Toys ... [Read more]

Yesterday I sold baby clothes, popcorn makers, a kitchen towel set, a shower curtain, shoes & slippers, a screwdriver set and numerous toys.  I know that because each time I check my sales, I also check my Pending Orders!  This is what the pending orders report looks like: These are orders that aren't ready to ... [Read more]

Hi everyone!  I hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving and that you're seeing extra FBA sales this time of the year. Lately, my daily routine consists of sourcing & shipping with a little Merch mixed in.  In this post, I'll go over my Merch business.  I lost designs, had 6 sales in one day ... [Read more]

I recently took an Amazon Lending Loan because it's the extra bump that I needed to pay off all of my Amazon FBA credit cards, have money in the bank for new inventory purchases and to go mostly cash-only starting immediately.  I'll explain my reasoning of the cash-only in another post and I'll go over ... [Read more]

I recently purchased the Source. Sell. Profit. course by Dan Meadors and Eric Lambert.  These two generated over $850,000 in sales during their first year selling on Amazon using the Retail Arbitrage sourcing method.  That is impressive!  What's equally as impressive is that they started their business with $600. Source. Sell. Profit. Sales Page Right ... [Read more]

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I am working towards creating a full-time income by selling on Amazon. It's a lot of work but very fun! If you're interested in selling on Amazon, be sure to follow my blog as I'll be providing you with lots of tips!


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