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Hi Everyone!  Every morning I check my InventoryLab account to see the net profit and ROI numbers of the items that I just sold.  Knowing which of my products were "good buys" and "bad buys" helps me make future buying decisions. With the good products, I like to find them again and repeat it.  With ... [Read more]

Hello!  One of my January goals was to open one new wholesale account.  Well, I actually did better than that and opened 5 of them! I believe that part of that success was because I've been using a prep center to process my online shoe orders.  This has given me extra time during the day ... [Read more]

Hi everyone!  I'm very excited that I received my wholesale order yesterday of these fun journals.  I expect them to sell right away because they are in the top 1% of its category and have less than 10 Sellers on the listings.  As a bonus, they're small, easy to prep and don't expire! My next wholesale ... [Read more]

Hello!  I hope that all of you are staying warm this winter!  In my little corner of the world, it's been very cold and snowy.  It's not all that bad because the bad weather has made it less tempting to go out.  So I've been spending my extra time at home focusing on opening new ... [Read more]

First of all, I want to thank all of you for taking the time to read my blog.  When I started writing about my Amazon FBA Journey, I truly didn't think that anyone would even find this blog and that I would be just writing to myself.  I was very wrong and I appreciate each ... [Read more]

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I am working towards creating a full-time income by selling on Amazon. It's a lot of work but very fun! If you're interested in selling on Amazon, be sure to follow my blog as I'll be providing you with lots of tips!


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