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This is my Merch by Amazon Resource Page.  It’ll have links to my Merch blog posts and to the tools & services that I use.

April 1, 2017 Update: Today I learned that I’m at the 100 tier-level.  My two 2nd quarter goals are to have 100 designs listed on Merch and to explore other t-shirt sites.

To help with getting my design volume up, I signed up for Make-Merch  to quickly create t-shirt designs.  I also purchased Jacob Topping’s Book, Merch and the World of Print on Demand to learn about other Print On Demand opportunities.

Blog Posts

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Tools and Services

Merch Informer: Great way to find design ideas.  I use it to find “sayings” and niches that have low-competition.

Make-Merch: The easiest way to make t-shirts designs!  Just type your text into one of their templates, choose your colors, fonts and optional images and you have a Merch-Ready shirt.

Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud: I subscribe to the Individual->Photography plan.  I’m not a PhotoShop expert but learned enough to create designs on there.  My most advanced one is a photo that I took of my bird and I removed the background on it and added in some text.  It sold!  That was a great feeling considering that six months ago, I knew nothing about Photoshop.

VA Rentals 25 Designs and Keywords: Use them to purchase designs and optional titles and bullet points.  I purchased their 25-design package when I was first approved for Merch.

VA Rentals / EPS General Link: Scroll down to see other Merch packages.  I have also used them for shoe/clothing lists.

MerchReady Designs: Purchase designs one at a time.  All designs are all Merch-Ready and ready to download immediately.  Prices average around $10 and it’s a great way to get t-shirt designs quickly and without committing to a larger package.

Trademarkia: To check to see if a word or phrase is trademarked.

Merch Education

Proven Merch Course: This is a video course from Chris Green and it just came out in March 2017.  I believe this is some of the same material from his Merch Udemy Courses that I watched last year.  This is a good starting point for you to learn Merch.  In the future, there will be a more advanced Merch course.

Merch and the World of Print on Demand:  Print on Demand (POD) book by Jacob Topping.  You don’t need to be approved on Merch to benefit from his book because he covers 30+ POD platforms!  His book tells you how to get started with POD and also covers marketing and outsourcing.

Your Merch Designs

Do you have a Merch design that you want to share or show off?  If so, let me know and if approved, I’ll share it in the side bar.

The way that it works is that you gain free advertising and I earn the Amazon affiliate commissions. Win-Win for both of us.  I prefer shirts with an entrepreneur or a Second Half Dreams theme (what you’re doing today to meet your future dreams).

Check out the side bar for shirts that either I made or my Second Half Dreams friends made!

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me on my Facebook Page or at if you have any questions or Merch tips!

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