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Inventory and COGS Spreadsheet

This page contains a download link to an Excel spreadsheet that you can use to track your Amazon FBA inventory purchases and cost of goods sold.  It’s a modification to the Inventory spreadsheet that I shared in this post:

Tracking Amazon FBA Inventory and COGS in Excel.

The link to the spreadsheet is a little further down below.

The reason why I didn’t provide the download link to the exact files shown in my post is because the Amazon Cut and Paste Spreadsheet isn’t mine to give away.

So, instead of just sending you my inventory tracking spreadsheet, I added in a cost of goods sold section.  The instructions for how to use it are contained inside the spreadsheet.

Before you start, please keep in mind:

  • You will need to have a basic knowledge of Excel.  Mostly it’s adding new rows and copying and pasting.
  • This spreadsheet is really intended for those that do not have the volume or sales to subscribe to Inventory Lab, ScanPower or other inventory tracking software.  At some point, you will outgrow this spreadsheet. I’ve just about outgrown the spreadsheets and plan on switching to Inventory Lab soon.
  • This sheet is not setup to track your income and expenses.  I use QuickBooks Online Simple Start for that.

As for the spreadsheet:

  • There are monthly tabs.  For each month, you’ll add in what you purchased and what you sold.  If you bought something in March, put it in the March tab.  If you sold something in March, put that in the March tab.
  • You’ll get your purchases from your store receipts.  You’ll get what you sold from your Payments -> Transaction View in Amazon Seller Central.
  • You’ll see that I maintain two separate lists – one for inventory bought and one for inventory sold.  You may think these lists should be combined.  I did try that and it doesn’t work after you get into the second month of selling.  Just trust me on this.

Hope this spreadsheet helps and you can download it here:

 FBA Inventory Spreadsheet v1

As this page doesn’t have a comment form, you can send me any questions or suggestions to my email address at or to my Facebook page.


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