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Earlier this month, I received a pallet of 10 different products from a wholesale company that I recently opened an account with. I’m very excited about these products because – Seven of them are in the top 1% of its category They’re small and easy to pack They don’t expire They are in a category ... [Read more]

Hello and hope you are doing well!  In today’s post, I’ll cover why customizing your Seller SKUs will give you quick at-a-glance information that will save you time with various Amazon FBA tasks such as bookkeeping, repricing and overall analyzing. What is a Seller SKU? This is Amazon’s definition: A SKU (stock keeping unit) is ... [Read more]

Yesterday I sold baby clothes, popcorn makers, a kitchen towel set, a shower curtain, shoes & slippers, a screwdriver set and numerous toys.  I know that because each time I check my sales, I also check my Pending Orders!  This is what the pending orders report looks like: What Are Pending Orders? These are orders ... [Read more]

The last few weeks have been exciting because just about everything is selling very quickly!  But the Furbys that I bought during the Toys R Us early Black Friday Sale were not selling at all :-( .   This was surprising since I had such great luck with them last Q4. I finally figured out ... [Read more]

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