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Earlier this month, I received a pallet of 10 different products from a wholesale company that I recently opened an account with. I’m very excited about these products because – Seven of them are in the top 1% of its category They’re small and easy to pack They don’t expire They are in a category ... [Read more]

It’s hard to believe that Black Friday is less than two weeks away!  In preparation for it, one of my tasks has been to ship in as many of my bundles as possible.  However, it’s taking longer than expected to get the units into Amazon.  In today’s post, I’ll go over what the problem is. ... [Read more]

Last year I hustled hard during the holiday season and I plan on doing the same this year.  I already have my weekly sourcing goal to shoot for and today is the first day of the coaching group that I joined. In addition, I’ll be continuing adding to my shoe inventory and working on my ... [Read more]

In today’s post, I’m sharing with you the Star Wars Rebels Party bundle that I made over a year ago and recently sold out of.  Plus, I’ll tell you about the company that I’m now using for my image editing. This is a 5-piece Star Wars Rebels party kit made up of plates, napkins and ... [Read more]

Hello and hope everyone is having a great summer so far.  My plans of leaving my job this week is on-hold because my replacement didn’t show up for her first day of work.  I hope to find someone to replace me as soon as possible. But despite my personal life situation, Amazon FBA still goes ... [Read more]

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