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Listing, Prepping and Shipping Supplies

Amazon requires labels to be printed either on a laser or thermal printer.  Also, you’ll need to print shipping labels.

Laser Printer: Most laser printers should work.  If you are looking for one though, I use and recommend the Brother HL-L3200D printer as it’s a simple printer that will take care of general household printing and FBA label printing.

Avery Removable Labels (6460):  Removable labels for your laser printer.

DYMO 450 Turbo Thermal Label Printer:  Not required but recommended as it does make printing your inventory item labels easier.  However, Amazon doesn’t make it simple to setup.  Here are a few options to get your DYMO 450 up and running to print your FBA labels:

  • Amazon’s Scan and Label: This is a free option and I used it for a few months.  It takes a few steps, but you can list a product and then print your label.
  • AZLabels: Chrome extension that makes printing FNKSU and Shipping labels from Seller Central to your DYMO or other thermal printer easy.  Be sure to use my referral link to receive a discounted price.
  • InventoryLab: The printer works great with InventoryLab and printing labels is very seamless as there are not any extra steps.   I have mine setup so that a FBA label automatically prints as soon as I list a product.

More information: Using the DYMO 450 Printer to Print Amazon FBA Labels and Five Amazon FBA Labels That You Should Know About.

DYMO 450 Labels

HL-30334-R Labels: These Household brand labels are removable labels which are required by Amazon if you place your label directly on a product.

Online Labels Removable 30334 Labels: These are removable labels which are required by Amazon if you place your label directly on a product.  Typically less expensive than the Household brand.

Prepping and Shipping Materials

Stretch Wrap:  I like to wrap my shoe boxes with the 3″ rolls of stretch wrap.  They’re easier to handle than the 5″ rolls and there’s less “sticking” between the shoe boxes when you place them next to each other in your shipping boxes.

Rubber Bands: These are the ones that my Prep Center uses to keep shoe boxes closed.  I like that they’re thick compared to the other ones that I purchased.

The rubber band on the right is the one that my prep center uses.

Box Sizer: If you have too much extra “empty” space on the top of your box after packing it, then use this tool to make your box smaller.  Smaller boxes means that you’ll pay less  in inbound shipping fees.

Clear Round Circle Seals: I use these once in awhile to seal a box closed.  It looks more professional than scotch tape.

Scotty Peeler Label Remover: Use to remove those sticky price & clearance stickers and to remove old shipping labels from shipping boxes.

Goo Gone: Cleans up the sticker residue left behind from price and clearance stickers

Poly Bags: This is a great starter kit as it has 100 each of 4 common sizes.  Each bag is self sealing and has the suffocation warning printed on it.

Shipping Scale:  I use this scale to weigh my boxes before shipping.  This scale is small and won’t clutter up you table top.  Also, it has an easy to read display.  Using the shipping scale is much easier than using your bathroom scale.  For more information, here is a review of the shipping scale.

Shipping Boxes: Of course, you will need boxes to send your products in.  I get mine for free from work, but you can purchase boxes from many stores – U-Haul, Home Depot, Lowes and Uline.  Also, if you source online, you get free boxes!

Shipping Tape: This is the tape dispenser that I use!

Padded Envelopes – use these for small Merchant Fulfilled items.

Packaging Material: To protect your products while they are in transit to Amazon, you’ll also need packaging supplies such as air pillowsbubble wrap and kraft paper.  Amazon has rules on what you can or cannot use.  Since I get air pillows for free from work, that is what I use the most.  Be sure to check your stores to see what’s available at the best prices.  Note: Do not use packing peanuts!

Free UPS Shipping Labels: When I first started, I purchased the Avery Shipping Labels (8126). But then I learned that I can get them free from UPS.  For more info, check out the post that I wrote about the free UPS labels.

Shipping Labels – A “generic” adhesive laser label.  Use them for your USPS packages that you Merchant Fulfill.

This Is A Set Do Not Separate Labels 500/roll 1″ x 2″ Orange Fluorescent FBA Label: When doing bundles or multi-packs, I place one of these labels on the outside of my poly bag that contains the two or more items.

Sourcing and Scanning

Below are the tools that I use when I go shopping for inventory to send in.

Amazon Seller (iPhone/iPad/iPad) or Amazon Seller (Android): This is Amazon’s free scanning app and I use it to check to see if a product is restricted.

Scoutify: Comes with Inventory Lab.  I use this with the Amazon Seller App.

Cleer Platinum: This is a Chrome Extension developed by Jordan Malik.  It speeds up your OA because when you’re at a supported online retailer’s site, you can have quickly search for the product on Amazon by just pressing the “Amazon” button.  This saves you time from having to copy and paste the title from the store’s site to Amazon.  When I do Reverse Searches on Amazon, I use Cleer Platinum to quickly check to see if Amazon is on the listing, the number of FBA Sellers and the ranking.  The Chrome Extension has other features but those two things are what I mainly use them for.  What’s nice is that it’s a one-time fee lifetime access.

eFLIP: This is a company that will help you search Amazon for books to resell on Amazon.  Basically, you’ll be buying your book at a lower price from a Merchant-Fulfilled Seller and then reselling it at a higher price FBA.  The owner Caleb Roth is very nice and offers a 3-day free trial.

I Need Inventory: This is a database that contains over 2,000 vetted suppliers & the list keeps on growing!  Great way to find wholesale companies, bundle items, replenishables and private label products.  I have found so many suppliers that I’ve never seen pop up on my Google searches.

QikFlips: Great tool to help you find Amazon-to-Amazon shoe and clothing flips!!

revROI: This tool helps you find the cash back sites with the highest % back and the discounted gift card sites with the highest savings.  Please read my blog post about it!

RevSeller: Great tool to speed up your Online Arbitrage!  It’s a Chrome Extension that places a real-time calculator on the Amazon Product page.  It eliminates having to open the Amazon’s FBA Calculator in a different browser tab.

RevSeller for Amazon FBA

RevSeller Chrome Extension

Scoutify: This is the scanning app that is included in an InventoryLab subscription.  There is no extra charge to connect a Scanfob to it.

Scanfob 2006 Scanner – I love this little scanner because it’s small, discreet and speeds up the scanning.  I bought mine directly from the Serialio Website.  If you do the same, here’s a coupon code you can use to save $20.00 off any Scanfob 2006 model: 2NDHALFDREAMS~SCANFOB2006~M28E79Q

Prep Center

Pacific Prep Services:  I use Pacific Prep Services and recommend them for to prep & ship your online orders.  For more information on prep centers, please read Choosing an Amazon FBA Prep Center.


I recommend keeping track of your income, expenses and inventory early on so that you don’t have to figure it all out at tax time.  It did take me three months to test different systems and to get my current system setup.   But it was well worth the time as now I can quickly enter new data and print a report to see how I’m doing.

Caleb Roth’s Tracking Spreadsheet:  Excel spreadsheet to help you know your numbers! Get your Cost of Goods Sold, build an income statement, analyze your profits by sales rank and more!  Plus, it’s a one-time fee!

InventoryLab is a tool to help you list your products, track your inventory, sales & expenses and they have a scanning app.  I actually just signed up for an annual subscription on July 17, 2015.  I did this because I’ve finally “outgrew” my Excel spreadsheets.  Here’s a blog post about InventoryLab!

QuickBooks Online (Intuit Website): After experimenting with my own personal finance software, spreadsheets and GoDaddy, this is what I decided on as I use the Accrual Method of Accounting.  I like the reporting features as you can easily run a Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet.  Unfortunately, it is challenging to setup if you are not familiar with bookkeeping systems.  For any QB experts out there, you can potentially gain a lot of business if you write a tutorial geared towards Amazon FBA sellers!

*** 1/27/17 Update: Jim Cockrum & Team came out with a new course that has Amazon Specific Training with Quickbooks Online.  I have not taken the course, but have taken several of Jim’s other courses.  Here’s the link: Proven Accounting Training.

TaxJar 125 x 125TaxJar:  When I started selling on Amazon, I didn’t realize that I would have to collect and pay sales tax for each of the states that I have my inventory stored in.  TaxJar makes sales tax less scary as they have lots of information to help you with your returns.  I couldn’t imagine doing sales tax without them.  They have a 30 day free trial and then it’s $19 per month for their Basic Plan.

GoDaddyBookkeepingGoDaddy Bookkeeping Tutorial: This is a course created by Jessica Larrew that came out in May 2015.  I watched the tutorial and wrote a blog post that tells you about it.  In my opinion, GoDaddy Bookkeeping is easier to setup than QuickBooks if you follow this tutorial.

Shoeboxed  helps you organize all of your retail & online arbitrage receipts.  I signed up for their service in January 2016 and mailed them all of my 2015 retail arbitrage receipts.  It’s nice because now the receipts are stored online so I don’t have to keep physical copies of them!  For my online arbitrage orders, I just email them a copy of my receipt.

The service is easy to use and it saves you time from having to scan the receipts in yourself.  Plus, they organize them so you can easily search or sort your receipts by date, vendor, dollar amount, payment type and expense category!

Business Insurance

Ashlin Hadden helped me setup my policy with the Hartford Insurance company.  I highly recommend contacting her to get a quote.  You can email her at Ashlin@Hadden.Agency and please tell her that I sent you over!


ECommerce Momentum: I like this one because Stephen Peterson interviews mostly successful Amazon Sellers or people that provide tools/services to Sellers.  It’s interesting to hear about their backgrounds and how they got their start with Amazon.  Plus learning tips and tricks from the experts is very helpful.

Jim Cockrum’s Podcast:  Jim Cockrum’s podcast has all sorts of topics that will help you grow your Amazon business and other online businesses.  Here are a few topics:

  •  Making Your First $100 Online (Episode 6)
  • Your first $1K, $10K and $100K month online – and beyond (Episode 25)
  • Free up your time and specialize by hiring outsource workers (Episode 45)
  • How to Never Waste Money Again on Bad Business Ideas (Episode 53)
  • Let’s Talk Amazon Merch (Episode 68)

As you can see, there are topics that will help both the beginning and more advanced entrepreneurs.

Podcast Listener for Cars without Bluetooth:  I was having a hard time listening to podcasts because of all of the “road noise.”  I bought this device and it connects your smartphone to your car’s stereo system.


BQool: I tested out 3 repricers before choosing this one.   I found it to be the simplest to use as you don’t have to mess around with complicated settings.  Just enter your buy price and let their calculators come up with your minimum and maximum selling prices.  You and learn more about BQool in this blog post.

The information above is current as of November 2016.  Pricing may change in the future and I will make sure that I keep this list updated as best that I can.

Education & Training

Please see my FBA Courses Page!

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