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Two Hot Selling Summer Items

My local Bed Bath & Beyond recently had a moving sale because they are in the process of moving a few spaces down in the strip mall that they’re located at.  This gave me the opportunity to buy plenty of new products marked down by 60% to 90%.  Plus, with my extra $5.00 off or 20% off coupons that I used, I got some really good deals.  There are two items in particular that surprised me on how quickly they sold.  Since I have sold out of them and am unable to replenish them, I’ll share with you what they are.

Cherry Pitters
I bought the first two at the end of May for $5.49 each.  Within 48 hours of them being active on Amazon’s website, they both sold for $19.95 each.  After fees, my profit was $7.65 each.  Not the greatest return, but I made my money back plus a couple of dollars.  Since this was one of my first sales, I was very excited and went back to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy more of them.  By then, the price dropped to $4.00 each so I bought four more.  Again, they sold very quickly and this time my profit was $9.26 each.  So, I more than doubled my money.  I went back to BB&B and bought the rest of them up and again they all sold very quickly.  Unfortunately, my cherry pitter run has come to an end because the BB&B is now closed.

See the Cherry-It Multiple Cherry Pitter on Amazon

Grill Daddy Replacement Brushes
Every few days I would stop at BB&B on my way home from work.  Each time I went there they had different items for sale and on my fourth visit, they were selling Grill Daddy Replacement Brushes.  I bought six of them for 80 cents each and they immediately sold at $6.48 each.  Since they sold so quickly, I went back to BB&B to grab up the rest of them.  By then, they were marked down further so I paid 50 cents each.  I sent them in and again they sold immediately.  After fees, my profit for each one was between $2.04 and $2.54.  The variance is due to the different prices that I paid and in one case, one buyer purchased two of them at the same time.  My FBA fees were lowered for that transaction.

See the Grill Daddy Replacement Brush on Amazon

I believe that both products sold well because we are going into the summer months.  Cherries are plentiful at the grocery stores and it’s BBQ season.

Note: The above Amazon links are my Amazon Affiliate links.  I am no longer selling those two products.

What’s Not so Hot – Being out of Inventory
As you can see, I found two products that were profitable and sold quickly.  If I could buy more of them I would, but I can’t because that BB&B store has closed down.  So, based on my experience with those two items, I learned that I need to find great selling items that I can replenish.

It’ll be nice to find a product that sells quickly and to be able to go out and buy more of that product before I’m out of stock.  I haven’t found that item yet, but am on the lookout for it.

Please let me know if you have had any “hot” items that you ran out of.  Also, please leave any questions or comments about FBA below because I would love to hear from you.  Thank you for visiting!


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  • Mustafa April 26, 2015, 6:25 pm

    Hello Diana,

    I’ve just opened my Professional Seller account on Amazon and searching for the categories and products I’m going to sell. First of all, I want to thank you for all information that you shared here, I enjoyed reading your posts and learning from your experiences.

    I have a few questions.

    1. Do you have a company like a Sole Proprietorship / DBA? Are we required to have a company to sell on Amazon?

    2. As far as I understood, you sent all of the products to FBA. When you create your shipment plan, does Amazon split quantities to different Fulfillment Centers or to a single location? What is the average shipping cost to send products to FBA? Do you consider this shipping cost, when you calculate your profits?

    3. What happens if the items we send to Amazon do not sell? How long can they stay at FBA?

    4. After getting approval for certain categories, for example Health & Personal Care, with using billing statements for certain products, can you sell products in this category other than the products that you submit for approval?

    I appreciate your time that you’ll spend to answer my questions.

    I wish you success in your business and happiness in your life.


    • Diana April 26, 2015, 9:44 pm


      Congratulations for joining Amazon FBA and thank you for checking out my blog. I’m always happy to answer questions and I’ll try to answer yours as best I can:

      1. Amazon doesn’t require you to start a business to sell on their site. However, when you register with your state to collect sales tax and to get your Reseller’s permit, then you’ll need to become a business. I live in Washington and I registered my business on their website and it was very easy to do. It’s good to discuss with a tax adviser or accountant to choose which business structure is good for you. Also, you can get free advice with SCORE. I didn’t sign up my business until I was about a month into the business.

      2. Amazon will assign your products to different warehouses. I have never been able to send all of my products to the same place with Distributed Inventory. I often do Inventory Placement to send to the same warehouse, but there is an extra fee with that. I have a blog post about Inventory Placement. The shipping costs do go against your monthly profit. Amazon will let you know what your shipping fees are and you can add that to your accounting software. I don’t calculate per item, I just calculate by the month. I estimate my charges are roughly 80 cents per pound. But it depends on how much your box weighs, how far away you’re shipping too. I try to stick with smaller sized products to make it easier. but will buy something larger if the profit is there.

      3. Your products can stay at Amazon’s warehouses forever, but you will pay storage fees. The monthly storage fees are minimal, but from what I hear, the long-term storage fees for products that have been at the warehouse for over a year are high. I haven’t been at Amazon long enough to see how high they are, but I’ll find out next August. You can always sell your products at a loss, have Amazon dispose of them or have Amazon return them to you.

      4. Once you’re approved in a restricted category, you can sell any products in that category. It’s not limited to what you submitted for approval.

      I hope you do well with Amazon. It’s a lot of work and a lot to learn, so just take it one step at a time. My one-year anniversary with being a Pro Seller is April 30th and I went from knowing nothing to knowing the basics and still have tons more to learn. It never stops. The ABC Boot Camp training is a great investment to help you get started. I didn’t purchase it right away and would have saved time in the beginning if I did. I have a blog post about it on my website. But if you’re not ready to pay that much for it, that’s ok, you can still learn for free from blogs, Amazon Help, YouTube, etc. Feel free to ask me questions at any time.

      I also wish you success and happiness.


  • sally zimmerman June 25, 2015, 4:38 am

    How did you decide on the bank account you established to use for your FBA business…Was it a business account type with the business name or regular checking account with your name? Did they require any special business number id for tax purposes? any particulars that would be important to know and have when setting this account up? Thank you

    • Diana June 25, 2015, 3:25 pm

      Hi Sally, at first I just used a personal checking account in my personal name. It was separate than my regular checking account and used only for Amazon. Some banks let you open secondary checking accounts for free. After that, I opened a business checking account at my local credit union. I chose the credit union because they offered a FREE business checking account. A lot of the national banks require you to keep $500 to $1500 minimum before you get free checking, otherwise they charge you a service free. No minimum amount is required at my credit union. I did have to show them a copy of my business license which I got from the Washington State Dept of Revenue and my EIN number that I got from the IRS website. Let me know if you have anymore questions!



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