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Facebook Stock is Up

I finally logged into my ShareBuilder account and was pleasantly surprised to see that the value was up.  My Facebook stock that I purchased when it first went on sale is up by over 70%.  Now I wish that I bought more when it was in the $20.00 range.

Overall, my stocks are up 42.66%.  I realize the value will go up and down, but I am happy because I remember at one time, I was at a loss.  My HP stock is the loser in this portfolio and I think that I should just sell it and use that money for a stock that is more promising.  But which stocks should I get?

I really don’t know too much about investing.  In the past, I always chose companies that I shopped at or knew about.  I have invested in Home Depot, Microsoft, Starbucks, Nautilus and other well known companies in the past.  Some I did well on, some I didn’t.

I also took a quick peek inside at my E*Trade account.  I was very surprised to see that the value is up in that account as well.  One of my stocks is TASR, which I bought on a whim back in 2008.  The only reason why I bought it was because it was listed as a “must buy” type of stock by the experts.  I bought it at $11.75 and watched it go down and down.  I’ve been tempted to sell it many times when it was down, but never did as I didn’t want to take such a big loss.  Last night it closed at $17.34 so I’m happy about that.

Where To Go From Here
Since it’s been so long since I last traded, I first need to decide where I want to trade.  Do I want to continue using E*Trade and ShareBuilder?  Should I open a brand new account somewhere else?  So, my first task is to research investment companies and see which ones have the lowest commissions/fees and the best research tools.  Also, which company has the best “bonus” for opening a new account?

After that, if I do decide to open a new retirement account, should it be a Roth or Traditional?  Or just a regular account?

How much of my savings should I put in?

What do I invest in?  Do I buy more Facebook stock?

If I open a new account, should I transfer the existing accounts over?

I have my work cut out and will share with you what I find out and what I decide to do.



p.s.  I have a feeling that I may be writing to an audience of one (me).  If you found this post, I would love it if you would say hello in the comment section below or even sign up for my mailing list.

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