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Quickly Take Amazon, eBay and Poshmark Product Image Photos!

I purchased the AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio and started using the Amazon Product Photo Studio app.

I began using these two products because taking product images held me back from creating new Amazon, eBay and Poshmark listings.  This is not good because I want to create more Amazon bundles and I have several shoes that need to be listed on either Poshmark or eBay.

Photography Lighting Problem

My biggest holdup with taking product photos is the lighting.  Natural lighting works well, but to get help from the sun, I have to take the products outside or sit them in front of the office window.  Both methods work, but they aren’t ideal solutions.

Natural lighting outdoors and through a window.

Back in 2014, I purchased the Fancierstudio 3 Point Umbrella Lighting Kit to cure my lighting problem.  But I only used it a few times because I don’t have the space to keep it permanently set up.  It’s a big hassle for me to use the kit.

If you live by me and want to buy it, let me know!

I also have the  Apollo Studio® PH-Studio-T1 Photography Photo Studio Lighting Kit, but I don’t use it either.  I just don’t have any good place to set it up because it takes up a lot of space with the two side lamps.

*** If you buy the Fancierstudio lighting kit, I’ll include this too!

Going outside or kneeling down on the floor or setting up lamps is a big PITA (Pain in the A$$) for me and that’s why I tend to avoid taking product photos.

Lighting Solution: AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

I was in Amazon Seller Central and saw the AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio advertised in my dashboard.

I researched and purchased it because it looked like a great solution to my lighting problems!  The main selling point for me was that it’s one-unit and doesn’t require separate lamps that take up a lot of space.

I love that it fits on my prepping table and collapses flat for easy storage:

The unit standing up and flat.

My husband helped me collapse it flat the first time because it was a little “stiff.”  Now I’m able to fold it down on my own.

On the top, there’s a little pocket where you store the power cord and instructions:

The circle on top of the power cord storage area is where you take product photos from the top of the kit looking down.  I prefer taking pictures from the front because it’s easier.

Photo Editing Problem

Amazon requires main product images to be on a pure white background.  I showed you how to do that with Photoshop Elements and FotoFuze in these two blog posts:

Photoshop Elements: How to Create an Image that Meets Amazon’s Requirements

FotoFuze: Remove Your Competition by Making a Bundle

Of course, you can use other photo editing software to create the white backgrounds.  Since writing those two blog posts, I have learned how to do that in Photoshop.

I’m SLOW at creating white backgrounds and don’t enjoy it.  So typically I use Pixelz.  I introduced them in this blog post: The Star Wars Party Bundle and Outsourcing Your Image Editing.

I’m happy with Pixelz.  They did a great job with a recent set of wholesale product photos that I sent them.   It cost almost $20 for their services and it was worth every cent!

But I’m always looking for ways to save money…

Photo Editing Solution: Amazon Product Photo Studio App

One of my friends that I met on Facebook told me about this app.  It’s free and you’ll find it in the Amazon Seller app that’s installed on your smartphone.

Product Photo Studio is in your Amazon Seller app.

The app if very easy to use.  You take your picture on a white background and then you adjust the exposure, background and crop the image.  If all goes well, you’ll quickly have an image that meets Amazon’s requirements.

*** Click here to learn the requirements.  Sign-in to Seller Central may be required.

How Do the Images Look?

At this point, you’re probably wondering what the pictures look like.   To answer that, I did a series of photo shoots.

During the photo shoots, I used my Samsung Galaxy Note 5.  The only editing that I did outside of the Amazon Product Photo app was to resize the images for this blog post.

White Background

To test how well I can achieve a white background, I took three pictures of my brother’s headphones.  Here are the results:

Image 1:  AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio + Amazon Product Photo Studio app = white background
Image 2:  Foam board in front of window + Amazon Product Photo Studio app = white background
Image 3: AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio + default camera app = gray background

Due to the above example, you would think that the Amazon Photo Studio app always obtains a white background.  But it doesn’t:

Image 1:  AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio + Amazon Product Photo Studio app = white background
Image 2:  Foam board in front of window + Amazon Product Photo Studio app = partial white background

In the above example, using the lighting kit worked better than using natural lighting.

Focus Problem

The Amazon Product Photo Studio doesn’t always focus very well.  I usually notice the “focus problem” when I’m taking pictures of products with words.

The Amazon app doesn’t always focus very well.

The regular smartphone photo app focuses much better.  But then you need to do additional editing for Amazon’s main image size and white background requirements.

eBay and Postmark Images

Using the Portable Product Studio with a regular camera app makes picture taking for eBay and Poshmark super-duper quick and easy.  Here are some pictures that I took in a very short amount of time. I snapped 5 pictures for each pair of shoes.  All I need to do is resize the images.


Here are my opinions on the two products:

AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio
  • Is easy to setup and take down
  • Doesn’t take up very much space
  • Does not produce pure white backgrounds on its own
  • Usually requires just one-shot to get a decent image
  • Works great for eBay, Poshmark and non-main Amazon images

Product Photo Studio App

  • Creates white backgrounds very well when used with the AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio
  • Does not focus very well
  • Free
  • Easier to learn than Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Fotofuze.

Though neither are perfect products, I’m happy that I found them because I no longer dread taking product images!

Mother’s Stroke Update

In my last post, I told you that my mother had a stroke.  She’s doing much better and is scheduled to be released from the skilled nursing home on August 16th.

Enjoying some sun.

Have a great day and I’d love it if you leave me a comment below or say hello on Facebook!

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  • Ree Klein August 13, 2017, 5:58 pm

    Holy smokes, Diana! I never knew about the photo app that’s part of the seller app. I just tested it and it works GREAT!!! Thank you so much for enlightening me!

    On a more important note, I’m so glad your mom is recovering well and should be home soon. Tell her “hi!” for me 🙂


    • Diana August 13, 2017, 7:06 pm

      I just learned about the photo app too! I bet it’ll help you a lot with your PL listings!

      I’ll tell her “hi!”

      Take care,


  • Bob Dykes August 14, 2017, 2:08 am

    Hi Diana,

    I just checked and it looks like Amazon has the Portable Photo Studio back in stock now. This is the same Studio Stephen Raiken also recommends and looks like a good one especially since two of you are recommending it.

    I too didn’t know about Amazon’s Product Photo Studio App. I’ll have to go check it out. Thanks for all the info.


    • Diana August 14, 2017, 9:08 pm

      Hi Bob,
      Thanks for letting me know that Amazon has the Portable Photo Studio back in stock. Yesterday, I was shocked that it wasn’t and they said it was 3 to 5 months out!

      I hope you like the Product Photo Studio app. It does help with creating those white backgrounds.

      Take care,


  • Melissa August 19, 2017, 4:37 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve put the photo studio on my wish list.

    I’m glad to hear your mother is doing better. You have lots of people in this community that you created, sending good thoughts your way. Me included. On tough days feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be her for you.

    • Diana August 19, 2017, 7:04 pm

      Hi Melissa,
      I appreciate your support! Thank you!!!


  • Claudia August 23, 2017, 2:48 am

    Thank you so much for your blog. Happy your mom is doing better.

    • Diana August 23, 2017, 9:25 am

      Hi Claudia,
      She’s doing much better. We are busy though with 6 physical therapy and nursing appointments a week. Should only be for the 6 weeks though. Thank you for your support!


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