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How to Print FBA Labels to Your Dymo From Seller Central


I want to tell you about a new service that will print your Amazon FBA barcode (FNSKU) and shipping labels directly to your thermal printer from Seller Central.  It’s called AZLabels and I had the opportunity to be a beta-tester.

After testing it, I give the service a “thumbs up” and recommend it especially if you’re using Scan and Label.

It’ll speed up your workflow because you’ll no longer need to take the extra step of pulling up each inventory item that’s included in your shipment.  Another nice feature is that it prints all of your labels at one time rather than individually.

How to Get Started

You start by going to the AZLabels page and download their Chrome extension. This extension works both on PC and MAC systems.  Once you download it, you’ll be instructed to create your account.  Once your account is setup, the Chrome extension will be activated.  I found this to be a simple process and didn’t have any problems with it.

How to Print Amazon Barcode Labels

You list your inventory and create your shipping plan as normal.

Then when you come to the part for you to print your Amazon barcode labels , you’ll see a “Print Thermal Labels” button.  You simply press this to print to your DYMO 450 Turbo or other thermal printer.

When I tested the button, it created a PDF file of the labels.  When I went to print them, the labels didn’t look quite right.  That was quickly fixed by choosing the correct label size and the margins.  Then my labels were ready to print:

I use the 30334-R labels. Find links on the Resources Page.

What’s nice is that it prints ALL of your labels.  Again, this is much easier than using Scan and Label.

*** Please excuse the super-big image below.  It’s optimized for Pinterest!  🙂

Printing Amazon FBA Barcode Labels to Your DYMO from Seller Central

How to Print Amazon Shipping Labels

After your Amazon barcode labels are printed, you continue to process your shipment as normal until you’re ready to print your shipping labels.  At this point, you’ll see the “Print Thermal Labels” button on your screen:

I admit that I didn’t test this feature because I use my laser printer for the shipping labels.  But I do know that some of you do use a thermal printer for your shipping labels.  If you get a chance, sign up for the free account and give it a test!  Be sure to report back on how it worked for you.

This is on my wish list for shipping labels:

DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer
List Price: $165.00
Price: $165.00
Price Disclaimer

Free Account and Discounted Pricing

Keith the owner is generous enough to offer a FREE account to print up to 100 FNSKU labels and 10 shipping labels per month.  If you print more labels, then you can upgrade to a low-cost standard or unlimited plan.

By using my referral link, you will receive a discounted price on the paid plans.  The public price is higher.

Even if you don’t print that many labels or if you use another service such as InventoryLab for your DYMO printing, I still recommend that you open a free account.  Why?  Well, even though I use Pacific Prep Services for most of my shipments, I still ship out my retail arbitrage shoes and random items.  The AZLabels service made life easier because my DYMO 450 is currently not printing from InventoryLab.  I haven’t had a chance yet to figure it out.

Your dashboard keeps track of how many labels you printed.

Let me know how you like the service by leaving a comment below or finding me on Facebook.

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  • Keith Brink June 2, 2017, 8:18 pm

    Thank you so much for the review Diana; great overview! If anyone has questions, I’ll keep on eye on the comments section here.

    • Diana June 3, 2017, 2:42 am

      Hi Keith,

      I often receive private messages regarding the tools/services that I use. If anyone has any questions about AZLabels that I can’t answer, I’ll let you know!



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